I can't add or edit in 1password 6 for Windows 10 using a dropbox account

Hello! I am unable to add any accounts, passwords, etc to my 1Password Dropbox sync. I was having no issues previously when using a 1Password account, but decided to try using Dropbox instead. I've tried reinstalling the app multiple times, and logging out and back in with the account. For the record this works fine on my iPhone.

1Password Version: 6.3.59d
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: Dropbox
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  • I have the same problem.

    When is support for editing items going to be added to 1Password on Windows?
    The program is pretty much useless without being able to add/edit items.

    Looking forward to the day where this program is feature complete on Windows.
    Any ETA @LastPassTeam?


  • GregGreg

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    Hello @KlusterMonkey,

    I am sorry for the confusion!

    1Password 6 for Windows is focused on 1Password accounts at the moment. If you are interested in using a local vault synced via Dropbox you should download 1Password 4 for your Windows PC.

    Is there a specific reason why you decided to switch from 1Password account to a local vault? Please let us know. Thanks! :+1:


    We do not share any timeframes, so I don't have anything to share with you at this point. Instead, I would like to suggest you to read some thoughts on 1Password for Windows directly from @dteare, they are quoted here. I hope it helps.

    P.S. BTW, you've made a mistake in 1Password...

  • @Greg, wow, that was an embarrassing mistake!

    So timelines aren't too important, however, it's on the road map right?
    The product has come a long way since v4 on PC, but without being able to edit and add items it is severely limited.

    Thank you

  • I see that 1Password 4 does have the ability to edit items.

    Its interface is a bit archaic, but at least the functionality is there.
    Due to this, I'm going to presume that it'll naturally be back in v6, when it gets in the feature queue.

    I wasn't aware that v6 was a complete re-write. As a software developer myself, it makes a lot of sense why it isn't as feature complete as v4 yet.

    It is one of the most important features of 1Password though, so I hope it's at least taking priority over other features.
    Not having it is like having bread with no butter.


  • GregGreg

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    Thank you for getting back to me! Again, I am sorry for the confusion with two versions. :blush:

    We will be publishing the updates on this matter in the future, but I don't have any timeframes or roadmaps to share with you at this point. I encourage you to read Dave's reply I shared in my previous reply, it will give you a better sense of where we're at:


    Thank you! Please tell us if you have any other difficulties with 1Password, we are always ready to help.


  • Zack_MacZack_Mac
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    Hey Greg. I did read through it, however, it was very vague imho.

    My interpretation of it was superficial things are taking priority over something as important as editing/adding new items.

    Maybe I took it the wrong way, but it definitely didn't seem to shed any light on the subject.

    It's disappointing to keep hearing "future", which gives the impression of "a ways off". As a long term customer, who has switched operating systems, my gripe with the attitude is that a crucial feature seems to be taking somewhat of a backset.

    The lack of transparency is also concerning. In today's social age where companies are more and more transparent with their customers, companies who are not that transparent give off the impression of having an ulterior motive as to why (in this case, the Windows version seemingly not being as high as priority as the Mac version, but you not wanting your customers to know that to prevent hurting sales/subscriptions).

    It's like having a car with no seats. Sure, it would technically still be a car, however, you couldn't really drive it.

    Actually no. 1Password 6 in its current state, is like having a car with locked doors and no key to open it. You can look at it, but you can't use it.

    I think that a lot of us who are either Windows users, or Windows users who've switched from Mac would like to know if we're holding out for nothing here. 1Password 4 is pretty poor on Windows 10 (often freezes the computer) and there are other alternatives out there.

    I am a big fan of your design and infastructure, and i've invested money in your product, on the premise of feature parity for both Windows & Mac. If it's more than a month or so away, I think i'll be switching to another service. As I usually create at least one new password a day, so not being able to add them to 1Password is extremely frustrating.

  • Zack_MacZack_Mac
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    Why was the comment that I spent ages writing removed ?

    If this is the practise around here, to remove any comments which may show the truth for potential customers, then I have my answer I guess.

  • brentybrenty

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    @Zack_Mac: Sorry about that. I can't say for certain why (this is automated), but it was caught in the spam filter. Anyway, you'll find it right above your last post now.

    Anyway, our priorities with the new 1Password 6 Windows desktop app aren't superficial at all. While you're right that local vaults is an important feature for many people, prioritizing that over all other functionality from the start would have resulted in something ridiculous like the inability to sync anything, or browser integration of any kind. Obviously that's an extreme example, but if we're putting this in the context of today, if we drop everything else and just work on local vaults, when you start using it once that feature is complete, you'd be scratching your head about other features that are missing or unfinished. Again, as it stands, you wouldn't be able to sync the data, only have full read/write access to local vaults. Probably not what you had in mind, and definitely not what most 1Password users expect. So when we talk about 1Password, it's important to keep in mind that there is no one "crucial feature", but rather many of them working in concert. And even if you have to wait for local vaults, the other work we do adding features and improvements to the app as a whole in the mean time can benefit you and other users in the future.

    And yeah, the future. I totally appreciate where you're coming from with that, because "someday" is not the answer we want to hear when asking about something important to us. But the reason Dave (and the rest of us) talk about "the future" so much is because that's our focus: the reason we're doing all of this in the first place is so that 1Password has a future on Windows. The old codebase couldn't be built on to accomplish that, so we went back to the drawing board.

    So to address some of your concerns, as far as the perception that us not publicly sharing details of our planing and development process means we have "ulterior motives" seems overly cynical. Certainly there are companies that are much more open about these things, but I don't think it's most, or that this is necessarily a good thing by a long shot. Honestly, I get a bit weary of hearing about roadmaps that don't pan out and new products/features that are far enough off to not be helpful to me. And frankly nearly and details I could share with you today would likely change in short order, as building a new app isn't a simple additive process, but an equation with many inputs. But one thing I can say definitively is that we will not have feature parity across platforms in the near term — certainly not within a month — so if that's your time frame, hopefully that helps you make a more informed decision. Parity is a huge priority for us, but it's a slow, methodical process with many moving parts. The best we can do is continue making progress with each release.

    So, in the mean time, if you're having trouble with 1Password 4, please let us know the specifics so we can help!

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