1Password is no longer in Mac App Store! [version 6.6 has been released in the Mac App Store]

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It seems 1Password is no longer in Mac App Store!
I’ve tried a search in the Mac App store and it’s no longer there!
It is in my purchased list at version 6.5.3.

The version on my iMac is 6.5.3.
On the 24/2/17 is was in the Mac App store at version 6.5.3, so no update was necessary.
Today 26/2/17 it is no longer there! What is going on!!

My iOS version 6.5.2 is in the iTunes store and is up-to-date as of the 15/2/2017.
Has Apple removed it for the Mac App Store? or has Agile Bits stopped supporting the Mac App store version?….if so what do I do about updating my current Mac App store version??

Please note: I am logged into the Mac App store with the correct account I purchased 1Password with. If I were to switch to 1Password 6 (Agile Bits) version, will I still be able to sync via iCloud with my iOS version? or will I have to buy 1Password 6 all over again?

1Password Version: 6.5.3
_Extension Version: ?
_OS Version: macOS Sierra 10.12.3
_Sync Type: ?
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  • I can confirm that 1Password is indeed missing from the Mac App Store. I'm pretty sure I checked that it was there less than 2 days ago. I've heard nothing about them no longer supporting it on the App Store. So it's probably a temporary glitch.

  • I hope so.

  • I think there is an update coming next week to the Mac store app so maybe thats why?

  • Btw, check under the Purchased tab of the Mac App Store. You should be able to install it from there if you've previously purchased it.

  • Thanks parcel...that's not the issue, it's future updates I'm worried about.

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    This is an intentional change, we are going to be releasing 1Password 6.6 in the App Store tomorrow and it was necessary to pull the existing build in order to make some other changes to our App Store entry.


  • Thanks Rudy for the update.

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