1Password 6.4 update is coming soon, please make sure you get the latest 6.3 update first


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Notice: this only affects 1Password.com members using 1Password 6, this is not for 1Password 4 customers using local standalone vaults.

We've got a big 1Password 6.4 update in the works with a great new installer but it means that older versions cannot update directly. To ensure that you have the smoothest transition possible, we've shipped 6.3.359 to support updating to the 1Password 6.4 update directly.

Check for an update

Open the main 1Password app, unlock and go to the Settings on top right (gear) to select Options. On the Options page, select Updates on the left to check for an update. You should see 6.3.359 available to update, please install it.

If for some reasons, you cannot, download 6.3.359 directly from here: 1Password 6.3.359

Experiencing an issue with installing 6.3.359?

If you see this message:

The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable. Click OK to try again, or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package 'tmp9E79.msi' in the box below

This is the result of a damaged Windows installer's cache. To fix this, run Microsoft's repair tool here.

If that doesn't help, please create a support thread here and let us know.

Have 1Password 6.1.304 installed?

This was an unintentional release by the Windows Store. Uninstall this version via the Settings app > Apps, you should uninstall other 1Password 6 versions if you see it.

Install the latest version from here: https://1Password.com/downloads/

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