Duplicate entries in 1Password after creating an account

Hi there,

I have been happily using 1Password for many years on my Mac and iPhone. Recently I received an email from 1Password apologizing for some kind of mistake or problem the team caused. I have no idea what that deal was as I have not experienced any problems recently. However, the email made note of a new account system that I could sign up for at a discount. Being an enthusiastic user of 1Password, I decided to give the account system a try. I had no need for it as 1Password was already suiting all of my needs, but if this new account system is the future of 1Password I figured I should get on board early. Unfortunately, this is where my trouble begins.

After signing up for a 1Password account, I am surprised to find that I now have a new vault in 1Password. In addition to the vault I've had for years titled "Primary", I now have an additional vault titled "Personal" which exists under my 1Password account: http://ca.mag.cm/0x1H300e3920

These two vaults contain the exact same information. They are duplicate copies of each other. That is the problem I am dealing with. Now when I try to use 1Password, I am shown every entry twice. Every login, credit card, etc. is displayed twice. Additionally, when saving new information I am now given the option to select which vault I'm saving the information to.

I'm quite unhappy with this situation and the fact that 1Password is now a chore to use. Up until I signed up for an account, 1Password was working swimmingly.

I really want to go back to using a single vault. While I realize I can "hide" my vault titled Primary within Preferences (http://ca.mag.cm/1Q3g3v2x361V), I want to avoid any possibility of data being accidentally saved in the wrong vault. If this 1Password accounts thing is really going to stick around, I suppose I need to remove my original 1Password vault from 1Password. However, I am unable to find instructions on how to fix this situation without damaging my 1Password account or losing any data from my vault. I am quite nervous about making a move that prevents me from accessing data in my vault.


1Password Version: 6.6
Extension Version:
OS Version: 10.12.3
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • MeekMeek

    Team Member

    Hey @CMagnuson,

    Thanks so much for jumping on board with our new account system! I'm really sorry that you ran into trouble. I'd be happy to help get everything all sorted out.

    So, as you know, your "Primary" vault is your old local vault, whereas your "Personal" vault is the new 1Password account vault. Make sure that you haven't added anything to your Primary vault that isn't also in your Personal vault and then give these steps a try:

    1. Switch to your "Primary" vault in the vault switcher.
    2. Select everything in the Primary vault and move them to the trash.
    3. Open up 1Password > Preferences > Advanced and uncheck the option to "Allow creation of vaults outside 1Password accounts".

    This will get rid of your old Primary vault and you'll be back to having just a single vault - your 1Password.com Personal vault.

    Let me know how that goes or if you have any more questions along the way. :)

  • Thank you very much for the clear advice, @Meek. I followed those instructions and I seem to be back where I want to be. That was certainly a neat trick.


  • FrankFrank

    Team Member

    Fantastic news @CMagnuson and thank you for letting us know. I'll make sure to give Meek a :high-five: Keep us posted if you have any additional questions, we're always happy to help out. :+1:

  • I have the same issue, but would like to delete the new account vault, and go back to using the single primary vault.

  • FrankFrank

    Team Member

    Hi @mpinjp - I sent you over an email so we can work on this together :-) Let's continue the discussion over there, talk to you soon.

    ref: MIH-71681-799

  • I also need help I was tempted by the offer and signed up now I have 2 vaults a personal and a primary. My problem is that I have two iOS devices as well as an iMac and I need to set them up so everything will work. Currently the iOS devices use the dropbox synced primary and have no knowledge of the personal account. To complicate things maybe I must add that the two vaults have different passwords - Hope this doesn't complicate the answer.

  • FrankFrank

    Team Member
    edited April 2017

    Hi @nvivian - I hope the weekend treated you well. Congrats on the new account :+1: and I'll be happy to assist you today.

    First I recommend creating a back up of your Primary vault. Once the backup has been created, you can remove your Primary vault since you migrated everything over to your new shiny Personal vault.

    Once you remove your Primary vault, your Master Password will default to the new one that's associated with your new 1Password.com account. So let's get started, to removed your Primary vault, follow the steps below -

    Open & unlock 1Password on your Mac > Click 1Password in the menu bar. Select "Switch to Vault" and choose Primary from the list. Click 1Password in the menu bar and select "delete vault" from the drop down list. You will have to enter your original Master Password before the vault is removed.

    Now for your iOS devices -

    Tap settings on the bottom tab > Tap "Vaults" > Tap on your Primary vault > Tap "delete vault". Same drill, you will have to enter your original Master Password before the vault is removed.

    I hope this helped and keep us posted if you have any additional questions :smile:

  • OK I've done that on my iMac. The iOS devices only have a Primary Vault and as such there is no delete option. How do I go about fixing this?

  • FrankFrank

    Team Member

    Hi @nvivian - It's great to hear back from you. You will have to add the account to your iOS devices first, then you can remove your Primary vault.

    Make sure you have your Emergency Kit handy.

    Open & unlock 1Password on your iOS devices, tap settings on the bottom tab. Tap 1Password Accounts > Add Existing Account.

    You can scan the set-up code listed on your Emergency Kit or you can manually enter your login details. When you add the account, all your data should be within your Personal/Private vault then you can delete the Primary vault from your iOS devices. Let me know if that worked for you or if you have any further questions :+1:

  • Excellent that all worked Thanks

  • FrankFrank

    Team Member

    You're very welcome, anytime :+1: Enjoy the rest of your day!

  • I added the trial account and now i have duplicate entries. how can I drop the trial account and revert back to just my 'Primary Vault'? an earlier post was made in this forum but the answer was not shared.

  • JacobJacob

    Team Member

    @mjchartier Sorry about the confusion. It sounds like you migrated your data to the trial account, which is great since it will now sync with your account. All you have to do now is remove your Primary vault from each of your devices and sign in to your account on the ones you haven't yet. This section of our migration guide will help you out. Let us know if you have some other questions. :)

  • Hi I seem to be in a similar position... At one point I ended up signing up for the cloud because I was using windows 10 and didnt have an option, but I'm quite comfortable I think staying put on dropbox for now...

    I'm unsure whether I feel safe moving all my data (or having any of it actually) on your cloud at this point... Im unsure whether our company will be using 1password and since I already paid for it I dont want to pay again for my cloud & again for the company, and so forth (after having bought the ios and mac version if I recall? either way)...

    Is there any way of removing the duplicates and merging the duplicates in a single local dropbox-based vault first, and then removing the "personal cloud vault" all togehter? I just would like to make sure I dont lose anything which may have been added to the cloud and not dropbox, and also the other way around.

    Thanks... apart from this "confusion of vaults" and wiches that photos were better handles for credit cards, ids,etc I love 1password and am very happy with it. its the most complete and easiest to use password manager imo.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @roynasser - if you have a 1password.com account you no longer want/need, just use these instructions to move (not copy) any items you need from your Personal or Private vault (your account vault) into your Primary vault (the local vault). Once you've got what you would consider a complete and up-to-date copy of your 1Password data in the Primary vault (and/or other local vaults, if you have them), you can remove your 1password.com account by visiting Preferences > Accounts, selecting the account from the lift on the left, and clicking the minus (-) button at the lower left of the window to remove it.

    One you've done that, you should sign into your account in a browser at 1password.com and remove any billing method you've got on file, so you aren't charged the next time your subscription comes up for renewal. You can even delete your account while you're there, if you like. Hope that helps! :)

  • Hi Lars,

    I'm experiencing a variant of this issue.

    I have 1Password installed on a half dozen MacOS & iOS devices, and use it actively on three of them. Over the past nine years, I have accumulated a large number of items in my "Primary" vault. Recently, I created a 1Password Account and enrolled in the subscription service. I falsely assumed that once I linked my 1Password Account to one device (i.e., a MacBook Air) and successfully migrated its "Primary" vault to my new account-based "Private" vault, that the other devices syncing to the same "Primary" vault (via iCloud), would automatically be linked to my 1Password account. However, I've since learned this is not the case.

    After reading the above thread (and your advice in a related thread: https://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/86019/two-vault-confusion), I find myself in a predicament. I have been actively using (and modifying/creating new items) on all three devices for the past few months. My MacBook Air is correctly configured with only the account-based vaults present ("Personal" & "Shared"). I just now linked my 1Password account to both my iPhone and iPad. Thus, they both now show my account-based vaults & my iCloud-synced "Primary" vault.

    I attempted to reconcile the discrepancies by allowing local vaults in 1Password 7 on my MacBook Air, generating a new (empty) "Primary" vault, and importing my existing 1Password "Primary" vault via the file sitting in my iCloud "Documents" directory with the ".agilekeychain" file extension. However, it appears this vault is dated and hasn't been modified since 2017. This begs the question... where is the actual vault data stored for "Primary" vaults synced via iCloud and in use by iOS devices with the current 1Password app version?

    Alternatively, if it is not possible to locate (on MacOS) the "Primary" vault file used by iCloud-synced iOS devices, is there any way to sort items by most recently modified in the 1Password iOS app? (I suppose this would allow me to manually reconcile the few dozen items that have been created/changed.)

    Also, if you have some magical method to alleviate this problem that I'm not thinking of, please feel free to reveal it and ignore my questions.



  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    Welcome to the forum, @ccb! I'm sorry for the confusion and varying data counts. If you've been making changes/additions/deletions to all devices, you're going to have some work in front of you. On your iOS devices, you're not able to sort the data by Date Modified or Date Created in the way you are in 1Password for Mac, and that's what you really want to be able to do here. So your thoughts so far were good...but 1Password's iCloud data does not live in your iCloud Drive. You say you "imported" a vault into the newly-created and empty Primary vault you created on your MacBook Air, but you didn't say how you did that. What you wanted to do there instead was to simply turn on iCloud sync in Preferences > Sync. If you've now got outdated data in the MBA's Primary vault, please make sure NOTHING is selected in Preferences > Sync then trash all of the items in the Primary vault using ⌘A, then empty the trash so the Primary vault is once again empty. Then return to Preferences > Sync and turn ON iCloud sync. This should bring all the data that's in your iCloud vaults into the MacBook Air's Primary vault.

    Once you've done that, select the Primary vault only (not All Vaults), and sort the data using the sorter at the top of the item list by Date Modified. This will give you a date-sorted list of what items were recently added or changed. You can then use that to help you import everything that's been modified since you created the 1password.com account, over into the account. You may have to do a little clean-up/merging of items there, but that should take care of it.

    Finally, make sure you remove the Primary vault on ALL devices, once you're sure you've got a complete and up-to-date copy of your data in the 1password.com account. You can use these instructions to help you do that. Let me know how it goes! :)

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