Moving 1Password across laptops with standalone licence

I posted this before but it ended up in the Mac forum, whereas I should probably have posted it here in the Accounts forum - hopefully I'll have better luck here (with apologies for the duplication)!

Sorry if this has been asked before but I'm having issues moving 1Password over to my new laptop. I've had 1Password for a while now so have one of the standalone licences. I originally installed 1Password on a Dell laptop and use Dropbox to sync my data with the 1Password app on my iPhone. I have always kept 1Password current on both devices by installing the latest updates.

I have recently purchased a MacBook Pro to replace the Dell. I installed 1Password on the MacBook but it is a 'read only' version. I have tried to register my original licence key with this version but I can't for the life of me work out how to do this. If I try to add an account, it appears to be looking for information associated with one of the newer subscriptions/accounts, which I obviously don't have. My goal is to establish the 1Password program on my MacBook as my primary account (where I will be able to add, edit, delete, etc, data) and sync that with my iPhone. I would then like to delete the 1Password program from my Dell. Can you guide me as to how to do this please?

Oh, I also temporarily switched the syncing function on my iPhone from Dropbox to iCloud so that I could transfer data across to the 1Password program on the MacBook. It successfully transferred across the data but, as the MacBook is read only and I couldn't change the data in any way (and my Dell was still using Dropbox), I changed the sync on my iPhone back to Dropbox. Not sure if this is relevant but thought you should know everything I've done!

Thanks in advance for your help

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  • primeprime
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    @bugster70 the Mac and Windows licenses are 2 separate licenses (depends when you got 1Password). I don't want to speak for Agilebits, because I do not work for them. I thought I let you know that much. Now Agilebits has been very helpful in issues I've had dealing with this type of issue.

    As much as I spoke agains their subscription version, but I've been using it for almost a month, and I like it.

    One nice thing about the subscription version, no licenses. I can have 10 Macs and 10 Windows, 10 iPhones, and 10 androids and pay the same price. I got the family one because.. well I have a family.

    One of the reasons I did some research on their subscription service was Dropbox. I used Dropbox to sync and I lost trust in Dropbox 100% after reading this article on Macrumors.

    Something to think about.

  • @prime Ah, ok, that makes sense and would explain why I can sync data to the 1Password program installed on my MacBook but can't edit/add data. Hmm, but having thought about it, I can happily edit/add data to the 1Password app on my iPhone - or maybe that's not considered in the same category as a Mac? Guess/hope an Agilebits member will be able to give me a definitive answer.

    I'm not opposed to the idea of signing up to one of the new accounts, but don't really need access to 1Password from a huge number of devices (going forward, I plan to retire the Dell and only use 1Password from my MacBook and iPhone) and was perfectly happy with my previous arrangement, especially as I didn't have to pay any ongoing fees!

    Anyway, thanks for your input prime, much appreciated. As for Dropbox, my plan was to start syncing with iCloud if I could get 1Password set up properly on my MacBook.

  • @bugster70 no problem, once some from Agilebits replies, I bet they will help you out. One of the reasons why I use 1Password is due to the helpful and reasonable support here.

  • @bugster70 when does support reply? Do they take the weekends off?

  • bugster70bugster70
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    @mstep1psswrd dunno, but I only posted this question in this section this morning (my time, down under in Australia). I'm not expecting a super quick response given the time difference but, from everything I've read and heard to date, the Agilebits team are very helpful and I have no doubt I'll get an answer soon.

    Sounds like you posted a similar question to me - I have exactly the same issue in that I can't enter my licence number, only option is to purchase a subscription. I might try the advice you received (install from 1Password website instead of App Store) to see if it works, but I THINK I installed from the 1Password site anyway - could be wrong though, and definitely worth a shot.

  • MeekMeek

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    Hey @bugster70,

    Sorry for the confusion, I'd be happy to get everything straightened out!

    As @prime mentioned, our older licences are per platform per user - so Mac and Windows licenses would be separate purchases. That said, I would highly recommend checking out our 1Password memberships in more detail, as they are indeed the best way to use 1Password, even if you don't have a large number of devices.

    Simply sign into each of your devices and they are kept in sync automatically, without having to setup and rely on third party sync services. Not only that, but you get full versioned backups, access to your data through the website, and all future updates to all the apps for no additional upgrade costs. No headaches about syncing, backups or licenses. And if you choose a Family account, you can also easily share certain passwords between 5 members of your family - and everyone gets their own private vault as well.

    If you'd like to read more about the awesome benefits you'd get by signing up, have a read through this page:

    Let me know how you'd like to proceed. :)

  • Hi @Meek, thanks for your reply. I had another closer look at everything last night and, from advice I read on another thread, I deleted 1Password and re-installed it directly from the AgileBits website (as opposed to the App Store). This allowed me to try to enter a licence, but it was looking for a file on my MacBook rather than allowing me to type in a licence key. So I dug out my original email with the licence key number in it and, sure enough, it was titled "...for Windows". So that all ties in with what you (and @prime) said about the separate licences.

    I've had a look at the 1Password accounts/memberships and agree that they look good. But, as I said, I was pretty happy with my standalone licence arrangement, especially as I really only use a couple of devices to access 1Password (being a laptop - previously a Dell and now a MacBook - and my iPhone). I wasn't 100% comfortable with syncing via Dropbox but thought that, with the move to my MacBook, I could change the sync to iCloud.

    So I guess my question now is, is there an alternative for me to a 1Password account? Can I still buy a standalone licence for Mac? At the moment I can edit/add data via my iPhone, but it doesn't have the full functionality that I have on my Dell - I'd like that functionality on my MacBook and was wondering if I can do that without a 1Password account/membership?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • FrankFrank

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    Hi @bugster70 - I appreciate the additional details. I'll be happy to explain our new 1Password memberships in a little more detail below.

    With our new 1Password memberships all of our apps (Windows, Mac, Pro features for iOS & Android) are included even future paid upgrades since it's built into the monthly pricing. You can also access your 1Password data from any device via the web. There is no sync set up required since we take care of all the syncing on our end. It’s more secure, your data is fully encrypted using a randomized unique Secret Key in conjunction with your Master Password (only you know the keys to decrypt your data). This also includes data recovery, you just have to sign into 1Password using your login credentials and your data will already be there waiting for you - like magic! When you sign up for a 1Password membership we include a 30 day free trial giving you a chance to test drive all the features before having to pay for anything.

    Customers have been asking us for a long time to make syncing and sharing easier. Based on those demands we created accounts. The only way to provide this service is as a subscription (as there are recurring costs to us to provide it). We provide the sync service as well as the apps as part of this subscription.

    We're no longer marketing the standalone license offering. While it is still possible to purchase it, we are no longer recommending it for new customers. It requires more technical skill and attention to configure and maintain and as such we strongly feel the subscription offering is the better choice for most people.That said, there are some that are comfortable with the level of technical skill required to set up the standalone product, and if you're one of them, then you're welcome to give it a try. I just don't want you to be put off on 1Password altogether because of that. Keep us posted if you have any additional questions and I'll do my best to help out.

  • bugster70bugster70
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    Hi @Frank, thanks for your helpful reply. I definitely agree that the new memberships sound really good for a large proportion of 1Password users, I'm just not sure it suits me best - my needs are pretty basic, I don't necessarily need all the latest features, including the extra functionality of the Pro version, and I don't need to share it with anyone at present (I'm the only one in the family that uses 1Password, and anyone else that needs a password for anything just asks me!). I've also been quite happy and able to configure, maintain and change settings on my existing standalone licenced version of 1Password on my Dell and iPhone, I really only ran into trouble when trying to move it over from the Dell to my MacBook.

    But one of your friendly team members asked me to email the Support Team direct, which I did, and have already received a reply to that. They gave me a link to an option to upgrade my existing Windows-based standalone licence to one for Mac, which I think is probably the route I will take. At least it doesn't preclude me from taking up a membership at a later date if that's what I decide I want to do.

    So many thanks again for your help, if I run into further issues after upgrading my licence I'll be back in touch!

  • @bugster70 I use to think the same way as you about the subscription plan. Now something to think about, it's a family plan. So what I did was I added my father-in-law and my mom as well. They use 1Password as well, but they both have the fear of forgetting their master passwords. This solves it, and so much more. They both pay me $12.00 a year to off set the cost, and in return I help them out. They don't have a fear of forgetting their master password (because I can recover their info), so much easier to set up, and it works great for them. I actually haven't charged them yet, because I realized I spend more a month on coffee then I do this.

    I'm not sure if you any kids, but I do. I'm teaching her responsibility on internet security, and I can share a vault with her (Netflix) and she can edit the info. Never too early too teach kids these days.

    So it's just some ideas here. Heck, if you have siblings, you can charge them $2 a month and make some money ;)

  • Thanks @prime, I definitely hear what you're saying and will consider all options before committing to anything. I do have kids, both of whom are into their technology/internet, so may be worth it for them. But my Mum is definitely not the type to use 1Password, she's hopeless with any technology and rarely uses the internet! Thanks again for your thoughts, much appreciated.

  • FrankFrank

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    Hi @bugster70 - I completely understand and keep us posted if you have any questions about 1Password Families. We're more than happy to help out :+1:

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