Associate apps with existing logins?

teacy123teacy123 Junior Member

Is there a way to associate an Android app with an existing login? I have lots of services where I signed up through their website, but now I am using their app on the phone. The login for the two is the same. Typically the website will be something like and the app will be I often don't see the full app name, as your UI cuts it off and I am not sure if I should just add those as an additional URL to the existing login?


  • periperi

    Team Member

    Hi @teacy123. I explain how we associate apps with URLs for filling in my comment here. Please have a look there for an explanation. As to finding the app names, that usually shows in their Play Store description.

    That said, we've got plans to revisit filling soon. We're hoping to make it easier to fill without having to work around the app URLs. :lol:

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