Newton mail client subscription

In my search for a better email client I am looking at Newton. Like 1Password they are now also going the subscription way. They wrote a blog post about it: Why’s everyone moving toward subscriptions?

It sounds a lot like the situation that AgileBits is in right now. So I figured it might be of interest to some people. :)

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  • brentybrenty

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    edited March 2017

    @pervel: I'll definitely check it out. An email client is a tough sell for me because I hate email. Maybe that's partly because I loved Sparrow dearly and now it's gone...or perhaps because the email clients I've been using since then have been cheap or free. And if it can make me hate email just a little bit less it may be money well spent. I get what I pay for, I guess. :lol:

    Edit: Whoa, if their Windows app ends up halfway decent, I'm in!

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