iOS users/iPhone users, hackers to remote wipe 300 million iPhones.

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I know 1Password started as a Mac/iOS only, so I figured a lot of us have iOS stuff. I been seeing this and I thought I post it here so you all know to be read IF this happens.

Protect yourself. I would change you Apple ID password to be safe. Also, make sure you have 2 step authentication turned on. Here is a link on how to do that:

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    Two-factor authentication is definitely a good thing to enable for one's Apple ID. :+1:

  • @khad sadly you can still access Find My iPhone even with that on.

  • sadly you can still access Find My iPhone even with that on.

    I have to enter my 6 digit 2FA code before being able to access it. You don't?

  • @XIII I do, but if you go on, you don't need the 6 digit for find my iPhone, so a person can remote wipe my iPhone.

    Think about it, Find My iPhone... how would you enter a 6 digit passcode from your iPhone if you're looking for it (got stolen or lost it)? That's the only past of the that you don't need the passcode for 2SA, the rest of the website you do.

  • brentybrenty

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    @prime: I didn't realize that, but it makes some sense. Thanks for the heads up! :dizzy:

  • @prime Do you have more Apple devices? (I do) They could generate the 2FA code.

    Maybe that's why I had to enter my 2FA code just to login?

    Will test again later today.

  • I have 3 total

    Here is where you go for Find My iPhone on

    See my amazing photoshop skills? :)

  • @primary I literally just found out before seeing your picture... Thanks anyway!

    Guess I'm going to change my Apple ID password(s) after all (and ask my family members to do the same).

  • @XIII no problem! Better safe than sorry.

  • brentybrenty

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    See my amazing photoshop skills? :)

    I am in awe. :lol:

    But seriously, this has been both entertaining and informative. Thank you for bringing this up! :sunglasses:

  • @brenty not a problem and anything to help people out. I love reading about this stuff :)

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    Cheers! :):+1:

    I've been following this too, and it sounds like this is happening to folks who reused the same passwords for their Apple IDs with other accounts that were compromised. Another painful reminder why long, strong, unique passwords for each site are so important. :angry:

  • I'm willing to bet this is people who use the same password. @brenty, you mean people do that? Lol

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    Sadly. :(

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