I have purchased a monthly subscription recently, and I am getting the message "1Password 4 for Wind

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The message is 1Password 4 for Windows is now available. (build#620). Don't I have this version of 1Password? I just purchased last week?

1Password Version: ?
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows
Sync Type: 1password acct
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  • GregGreg

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    Hello @jeankernus,

    I am sorry for the confusion!

    It seems that you have two versions of 1Password for Windows installed right now:

    • 1Password 4, which you received the notification about.
    • 1Password 6, which you are using with your new subscription account.

    If you migrated all of your data from your old vault to your 1Password account, we recommend you to uninstall 1Password 4 to avoid any further confusion. Please let me know if it clarifies the situation and answers your question. :+1:

    Thanks in advance!


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