Chrome crash; datafile corrupt; extension missing

Chrome (13.0.782.218 m) crashed recently, probably due to my battery running out and the laptop not hibernating properly. The datafile seems to have been lost in the process and all my extensions disappeared. Not too worried because most of it came back when syncing, however 1password extension did not.
I can only find the manual install here ( ) but not for Windows 7 64bit.
Do I need to re-install 1password or can I find the extensions somewhere?

Sorry if this is a multiple, couldn't find help either in forum or blog.



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    Welcome to the forum, Pontus!

    What data file is corrupted?

    When you launch the 1Password program, can you see all your Logins and other saved items?

    On the Browsers tab of 1Password preferences, is the extension for Chrome enabled?
  • You can re-install our Chrome extension for Windows here: File > Preferences (Ctrl+P) > Browsers
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    You can re-install our Chrome extension for Windows here: File > Preferences (Ctrl+P) > Browsers

    Pontus, that's a reiteration of the third part of my reply, above.

    I still think answers to the three questions could help us understand the problem.
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    Hey guys, thanks, works now. Answers for reference:</p>
    1. Chrome data file. Sorry if I was unclear.
    2. Yup.
    3. Nope. (Well, now it is and all is sweet!)
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    Thanks for the follow-up, Pontus!

    I'm glad to hear everything is sweet. :)
  • Oh, I see. Your problems is quite related with malfunctioning or corrupt extensions. Delete any recently installed extensions and re-load the web browser.

    1. Click Wrench.
    2. Click Tools | Extensions.
    3. Disable any extensions that you see in the list.


    1. Type "about:plugins" in the Address Bar.
    2. Press ENTER.
    3. Disable extensions.
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    Thanks again, @JackChill420, but people do love their extensions (including 1Password!), so I'd modify the instructions to say "disable them all, then re-enable them, one at a time, until the problem reappears, showing you which extension is causing whatever problem you were seeing."

    That's a brute force approach, but it could be effective.

  • @Dbrown: I agree with you. Appreciate your comment.

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    You bet! Thanks for joining the conversation.

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