1Password for Teams White Paper Update

I was wondering if there are any plans to update the 1Password for Teams White Paper? It was last updated in Dec 2015.

Specifically, I wanted to know more information about the "Recovery Process" on pg 35. https://1password.com/files/1Password%20for%20Teams%20White%20Paper.pdf

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    Hi @12preschph - Great question! I have asked @jpgoldberg to help out since he wrote the White Paper. I just wanted to let you know your reply was received and we'll get back to you shortly. I figured Jeff is in a better position to fully address your question :+1: Talk to you soon.

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    There are still lots of holes in the current draft, but it has been worked on in fits and starts over past 15 months. I think we should probably just publish the current draft as is, so that at least people see the updates.

  • If you do end up publishing the current draft, could you let me know? We are about to implement 1Password for Teams and need to review the white paper to answer some of our security questions and update our internal policies/documents as needed.

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    Hi 12preschph - We can definitely let you know when this has been updated. Let's continue the discussion over email and maybe we can get you some of those answers a bit quicker. :+1:

    ref: PGB-41535-914

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