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Ok. I'm probably a bit of a newb, but i've been using 1password for a couple of years now.

I recently upgraded to a macbook pro. Running Mac OSX 10.6.4.

Upgraded to 1Password 3. (Didn't notice any change whatsoever.)

It's not possible to get the toolbar 1P on Safari 5.0.

I've reviewed the faq and i've unchecked the safari browser in preferences/browsers, rechecked, restarted Safari. Nothing.

I've removed and reinstated the Input Manager.

Customize toolbar doesn't provide the button.

I'm at complete loss. I have well over 200 passwords stored. I refuse to use Firefox (although 1Password seems to be working fine there). How do I get the toolbar button back?!

Please help. Thank you.


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    oh. and i'm using 1Password v. 2.12.1. i've checked "include beta versions" and it's telling me that im up to date.
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    nevermind. disregard. sorry.
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    That's the latest version right now for the 1P2, because of 1P2 was really never developed with 64bit support, you need to have Safari 5 run in 32bit in order to get the 1P2 support. Go to your Applications folder, Right click on Safari, click Get Info, and check the box that say "Open in 32-bit". Try again.

    Let us know if it works for you.
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