403 unable to login, or re-create account

Hi folks

I get this error when trying to login:

 ~ op login iamhere.1password.com [email protected] ABC-..-..-..-..-123
[ERR] 2017/04/05 19:08:03 login.go:122: 403: Operation not permitted. You do not have the necessary permission to add or update the item.

So I rm -rf'd my ~/.op/ dir, downloaded build 270, and tried to login again, but it happens consistently. As I'm on FreeBSD I have a dtrace dump :) which I can share but the likelihood of it having my account key / secret token in it is probably 100%...

Any ideas?

1Password Version: 270
Extension Version: CLI
OS Version: FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT amd64
Sync Type: ENOIDEA


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