iOS beta doesn't pull up field tap menu on first tap

I always passed this off as a fluke but I've been able to reproduce it consistently on my iPhone 6 standard-sized AT&T phone. It happens when I access an item from tapping it in the Favorites list, though maybe elsewhere as well. Here's the steps to reproduce:

  1. Verify 1Password is completely closed (kill from task switcher if necessary).
  2. Open 1Password app and TouchID authenticate.
  3. Tap on an item in the Favorites list to open the detail sheet.
  4. Tap any field where a context menu appears (Copy for TOTP codes, or Copy/Reveal/Large Type for Password, for example).
  5. The said menu will flash on the screen briefly, then disappear.
  6. Tapping any field after this will correctly display the context menu and allow an option to be selected properly.

After the first time, it appears to open the context menu properly pretty consistently, but repeatably, the first tap on a field after opening the app causes the context menu to briefly appear and then disappear, requiring a second tap.

The reason this comes up so much is when tapping the One-Time Password field to copy the code prior to tapping the URL field to open a site, so it's ready to paste the code after the login is filled (auto-copying the code would be even better of course but I know that's not happening yet).

Note: Tapping a field like the URL works fine the first time, it's just the context menu ones. And tapping URL first doesn't fix the flashing context menu on first-tap of one of those fields, either.

Minor with an easy workaround, but still consistent and repeatable :-)

1Password Version: 6.6
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 10.3.1
Sync Type: Families


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    Hi @dszp ,

    Thanks for reporting this. We've seen a couple of other reports too, but we haven't had much luck reproducing it ourselves. Do you have any accessibilty settings set that may interfere with the menu? Or a bluetooth keyboard connected? I wonder if there is something about your setup that is affecting how menus display? I realized this is a bit of a guess, but anything that helps us reproduce it would be good.


    ref: OPI-3620

  • Hi @ag_kevin I don't have a Bluetooth keyboard connected, and the only accessibility settings I have on are:

    Speech->Speak Selection (on)
    Speech->Speak Screen (on)
    Home Button->Rest Finger to Open (on)
    Phone Noise Cancellation (on)

    I don't see any others, and those don't seem like they would interfere but hard to tell. If any of them do it would be the first one, which is useful for having Siri read me webpages while I'm otherwise occupied :-)

    I updated to build 660011 last night and the first time I opened 1Password after upgrading, it didn't have the issue. But if I kill it and reopen, it still does. If I go to the Settings screen and then kill it, then open, go to Favorites, it still does it. If I go to Categories->Logins and pick a login at random and tap the password field, it does it (on first open still).

    [a few minutes later]

    OK some brief testing with your pointer and I've narrowed it down. For all combinations of those Speed accessibility options I mentioned above, I only have the issue when this is on:

    Speech->Speak Screen (on)

    The Speak Selection option doesn't seem to affect it (which frankly is the only one I really cared about, and I don't even use that often--the Speak Screen one I honestly didn't realize was there or on until I went hunting).

    So, turning off Speak Screen makes the problem go away, turning it back on (regardless of Speak Selection) makes it come back. I'm leaving it off and it's fixed for me, but hopefully that'll help you track down the root cause and/or open a Radar with Apple if necessary. Happy to test again with any updates at some point.

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    Thanks so much for testing that out. We're able to reproduce that here exactly as you've described.


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