How to switch only to Family account

I created my 1Password family account, added it to 1Password on my smartphone, and have copied my existing data into the 1Password account using my smartphone.

I then signed into my 1Password family account on the web and added a password to it, but the new password never appears on my smartphone.

How do I get my smartphone and computers to stop using the old data, that was being shared via Dropbox, and to only use the data now being synched in my 1Password family account?

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  • john_mjohn_m

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    Hi @tin_can! You didn't mention what type of smartphone you're using (e.g., iPhone or Android), so let me give you some general advice, and if you still need help, let us know exactly what you're working with :chuffed:

    Generally speaking, once you've finished migrating your data over to a subscription account, you'll want to remove the old "local" vault(s) (as in, vaults that only exist locally on your device, and are not part of a subscription account) from your device. This will remove any data stored in those vault(s), so be sure you've got everything you need migrated over to your subscription account first, and that you can sign into the account successfully on the web.

    After that, the exact process for deleting local vault(s) varies a bit depending on the type of phone you've got; but as a starting point, if you've got an iPhone and a recent version of 1Password for iOS, you can:

    1. Open and unlock 1Password
    2. Tap "Settings" on the toolbar (it has a cog/gear icon)
    3. Tap "Vaults"
    4. Tap a local vault (e.g., "Primary"). If you have more than 1 local vault, "Primary" must be deleted last
    5. Tap "Delete Vault" and follow the on-screen directions - again, be VERY SURE you have everything you need from that vault safely migrated to your account first!

    I hope that helps! :+1:

  • Thanks for the info and sorry about leaving out the phone details. I am using a Google Pixel phone. The iPhone steps you provided do not appear to match as I do not have an option to delete the Primary vault in the Android version.

    Can you give me instructions for doing this on Android?

    I am also having problems with the Mac version of 1Password as I am unable to disconnect it from the database stored on Dropbox and have it only use the family account vault. I found information on the 1Password website (see for resetting my 1Password data. I was hoping to reset 1Password and then configure it to use only the new 1Password family vault, however, the option "Reset All 1Password Data" under the menu Help > Troubleshooting is grayed out and I cannot reset it.

    How do I reconfigure 1Password on my Mac so that it only uses the new family account vault?


  • FrankFrank

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    Hi @tin_can - Thank you for providing the additional details. You can actually start over on both your Android phone and your Mac using the guide. Keep in mind this will erase everything so make sure you have moved everything over to your Personal vault first.

    Once you confirm everything has been moved over, you can then use the guide to reset 1Password on both devices. On your Mac, make sure you don't unlock it, then you will noticed the "Reset All 1Password Data" option appear. In addition, make sure you have your Emergency Kit handy and write your Master Password in the provided space. I hope this helped and keep us posted if you have any further questions :+1:

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