How do you store your Subscription details in 1Password?

Just curious from the community out there... how do you (if you even do so) store your subscriptions details in 1Password? I'd like 1Password to be my main center to store all details related to not only login and licenses, but also storage for my renewable subscriptions for things like Feedly, O365, etc. There is so many item types available in 1Password and wonder what you use to store such details. It be great if 1Password can also remind me of when a payment is upcoming and how much etc.


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  • DanielPDanielP

    Team Member

    Hi @JeffKozloff :)

    I personally use the login item type and I add a custom section to the item when I want to add some more information specific to one subscription, so everything remains in one place and I don't add unnecessary items as I already have quite a few :P You might also want to create a tag "subscription" if you want to see all your subscriptions at a glance.

    Curious to see how other folks do this too :)

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