Accounts option not filled on hover [Will be redesigned later]

edited April 2017 in Windows Beta

This is a purely aesthetic issue and not that big of a deal, but the Accounts & Vaults option in the settings menu is only outlined,

not filled in like the rest of the options.

Please, satisfy my perfectionism so my life can finally proceed as normal.

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  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    edited April 2017

    Hi @burn123,

    Thanks for reporting this. That's because it is a submenu and the menu that shows up on top is focused, not the submenu itself.

    We actually plan to get rid of the submenu there to create a new Accounts & Vaults tab in your Settings > Options view, like the way 1Password for macOS does it. This will give us more flexibility and a better design with more settings you can have for the accounts you have.

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