"View in 1Password" in Mini doesn't select item unless 1Password is already open

With 1Password closed, open 1Password Mini, select an item, right-click and select "View in 1Password".

1Password appears but no item is selected. Performing the same action with 1Password already open selects the item as expected.

1Password Version: 6.5.401
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10 Anniversary Update
Sync Type: 1Password


  • GregGreg

    Team Member

    Hello @sjstreeting,

    Thank you for reaching out and reporting this!

    I checked the behaviour you described and can confirm there might be a bug. I will make sure to pass this along to our Windows team, so we could fix it in one of the future updates. Thank you once again! If you notice anything else, please let us know. Thank you very much in advance!


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