Delete Password History (Duplicate does not work)

Long time 1password user that is switching to Teams.

I am creating a shared vault and moving some of my passwords over to it so I can share and give access to others. In the process, I am reviewing those passwords and finding (in some cases) that the password is formula or contains a "root" word that I have used before and may still be using on another site.

So I change the password... but the password history shows that old password, and I don't really want that shared.

There are a couple of posts out here that say the solution is to use the duplicate function (NOT the copy) and that will make a "copy" without the password history. That is not what I am seeing right now.

It doesn't matter if I use duplicate or copy - the new entry still has all the old password history, with no way to clear it. I've tried both multiple times with the same result.

Is there any way I can clear the password history from an entry?

1Password Version: team web
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  • rickfillionrickfillion Junior Member

    Team Member

    Hi @shane_wyatt,

    Unfortunately at the moment there's no easy way to do that. We really need to make it possible to copy without bringing over that history. In some cases it's very useful to have that history, but in cases like yours it's rather detrimental.

    The workaround would be to create a new item with the info and copying/moving that new item instead of the old one that would contain the history. It's not pretty, but it would work.

    What I'd love to see us do is two things:

    1. An easy way to "Erase History" from an item, which would simply get rid of the password history associated with an item.
    2. A way to "Purge Item History" for an item. Doing just #1 would give you an item that looks proper, but someone could look at the older version of it on the webapp and get the info out. What we need is a way to allow you to purge older versions of an item so that no one can restore from it.

    I'm sorry that you've gotta do extra work here.


  • Thanks for the quick reply, Rick.

    Not my favorite answer - but I see that you do understand my issue.

    I've recreated a couple (like you suggested) and that seems to work OK. I found that if I open the desktop version and the web version and the same time, it doesn't take too much effort to copy/paste each field into the new entry.

    Thanks again.

  • rickfillionrickfillion Junior Member

    Team Member

    You're welcome. Let us know if you find any other issues.



  • Hi,

    One more user requesting the possibility to delete old passwords, globally or selectively.

    I my case, I like the possibility to remember previous passwords very much (it was a requirement I had for chosing a password manager), BUT it happens frequently that I have wrong passwords (either because the password did not comply with a specific site requirements, or because of mistyping or even because 1Password picks the wrong field!)
    Apart from the fact that I do not like the idea that mistakes are remembered forever, what really bothers me is that real information (previously used passwords) is mixed with past mistakes. And information with noise added is not more information: it is less.

    So, a little cross that would allow me to selectively delete a password in the history would be welcome.

    And as stated in the thread's title, though it is suggested in many answers to other (numerous) posts related to that "delete history" request, Duplicate does not work to purge the history (and is not selective enough in my opinion).


  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @Dahu -- thanks for adding your voice to this, Rodolphe! I don't have anything to share on this front, at this time. But keep an eye on our updates, and thanks for being a 1Password user. :)

  • Any updates on this? There still doesn't seem to be any way to remove the password history short of creating a new item and painstakingly copying the data one field at a time. Now that we have 1P Families and Teams where sharing login items is encouraged, it is a critical need to be able to remove history from an item before sharing it.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @kpitt - we don't have anything new to share on this subject at this time, no. Thanks for letting us know you're interested in it, however. If you need to share items stripped of their history, you'll need to do that individually on a per-record basis for the moment. Thanks for weighing in!

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