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I am trialing 1Password. I have a mac, iPhone and iPad. When signing into my account it shows my 3 devices in recently used devices. However it also shows 2 unknown os devices. These sign in at the same time as my iPhone and iPad. Quite worried about this and really need resolving before I start my subscription.


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    Hi @Niloc - Great question! I was able to investigate this a little more on our end. It looks like you viewed your 1Password.com account via the web from one of your authorized devices. It was actually a "single" unknown device which for some reason was duplicated and you're seeing it as two separate "unknown" devices. I'm glad you brought this to our attention and I will have one of our developers investigate this a bit more. Sorry again for the troubles and let me know if you have any additional questions, I'll be happy to help out :smile:

  • Quick response, thanks. Still a bit confused I'm afraid. Yes I did view the account from within 1Password app but why would it even show an unknown device? Bit worried someone has accessed my account. Really would appreciate some closure on this.

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    Hi @Niloc - Sorry about that, I should have mentioned this before. I checked the IP address under the "unknown" device and it matched your other authorized devices so it was you :smile: Kind of important so I apologize for leaving that out previously. This is a known issue and we're working to address this so I apologize for any confusion.

    If anyone was trying to access your account from an "unauthorized device" we will alert you via email with the device name and IP address. Someone would need to access both keys in order to decrypt your data. This involves your unique & randomized Secret Key and your Master Password which are only known by you. By design, we don't store Secret Keys or Master Passwords therefore we can't reset this information if lost or forgotten. We're proud of this feature and having zero knowledge of the keys to decrypt your data. Your Secret Key and Master Password are never transmitted.

    I hope this helped a bit more and addressed your concerns. Keep me posted if you have any additional questions. I'm here and happy to assist :+1:

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    Hi, @Niloc.

    Just wanted to chime in a little bit here. Frank has already confirmed that those devices were you as well, and as he indicated, they came from when you signed in to your account using 1Password's in-app browser, which we affectionately call 1Browser.

    There's one for your iPhone and one for your iPad, so those devices weren't duplicated. But since we aren't parsing the device's information properly, they certainly look mysterious. I'm opening an internal issue for us to do better at parsing the device info that is sent from 1Browser so that we can label it properly in the UI. :)

    I'm sorry for the confusion!

    ref: b5-2675

  • Wow, what a relief. Thanks to both Rob and Frank for great customer service. Will sleep easy now

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    On behalf of Rob, you're welcome :) We're here if you have some other questions.

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