Very disappointed in your lack of support for the standalone licenses on Windows

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I have been a very long time customer using 1Password for years across my Mac and Windows machines. Having just built a new one I find there is a new version for windows but it will not support my existing vault preventing my from edits passwords without a subscription. I don't know about you and other folks but it is impossible to support subscriptions for everything that we use. We simply don't make enough money to subscribe to everything.

It is very disappointing decision to drop support to paying license holders. You have now lost my business and I will be moving away from your products forever for stabbing my and my family in the back.


  • Totally agree. I have a mac at home but am working on a PC version. Of course I bought licences for macOS and Windows just before the subscription model was announced. Now I see the standalone version (esp. for Windows) is totally not supported anymore. Disappointing.

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    Thanks for writing in with your honest feedback.

    Please understand that existing licence holders can still use 1Password 4 for Windows. This is the version with support for standalone vaults. It's still getting necessary bug fixes and security updates.

    Our latest version, 1Password 6 for Windows was purpose built for 1Password accounts because it was not feasible to add support for 1Password accounts to version 4.

    You can still use and download 1Password 4 with the licence you've already bought for it.

    I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions or more feedback.



  • Would it be possible to get a link to the last working copy of 1Password 6? I honestly didn't mind no support for editing as I manage my passwords on a separate computer.

    It was kind of frustrating to have an update break your password manager.. I would think at least a warning would be nice:

    "This update will render your license unusable on all future versions of 1Password 6 for an undisclosed amount of time. Do you wish to proceed?"

    However, I am currently using 1Password 4 and it works great but next time you guys should approach situations like this with more care rather than coming off as pushing your subscription model.


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    @Gee19: I'm really sorry for the confusion there. This isn't something we broke in an update. 1Password 6 hasn't ever had support for licenses, as we've never sold any for that. And as you mentioned, 1Password 4 continues to work with licenses and local vaults as it always has. If our intention was to push you to use a subscription, we'd simply remove that functionality. But that just isn't something we're willing to do.

    And if you were previously using 1Password 6 with a read-only local vault, it will still work for you that way. It's just listed under "Folder" now. I've got one as well. But if you do still want to revert to an outdated version for some reason, you can get it from HockeyApp. I hope this helps!

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