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Do Family accounts have a privileged user of some sort, or is it possible for multiple users to have the highest level of control over the account? If the former, is it possible to change who the admin on the account is?

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  • I'm not an Agilebits employee--just a happy customer. Users in the family account can take on either of two roles -- Family Organizer or Family Member. The Family Organizer role is the privileged role. The organizer can create vaults, control access to vaults, invite family members and guests and handle billing. The Organizer can also initiate the recovery process. Finally, the Organizer can change the role of members of a family. It is this last item that allows you to change admins. It is possible and recommend for multiple users to be a Family Organizer.

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    Hi @hongtron! Welcome to the forums :chuffed:

    @learning_1pw is quite correct (thanks!) - Families account members can be either be a "Family Organizer" (owner and administrator), or a "Family Member" (just a regular member). Family Organizers have administrative control over the account, including inviting new members, configuring billing, etc. Family Organizers can also perform account recovery for other members, allowing them to help reset the login details for other account members; that's one of the main reasons why we recommend having at least two Family Organizers on the account if possible! You can learn more about account recovery here:

    If you want to promote a member of a Families account to a Family Organizer, log into the web interface for your account, click on the account name in the top right corner and choose "Admin Console", and then click "Family Members". Click on the first name of the person you want to promote to go to their admin profile page, then over on the right click on "Role: Family Member", and choose "Family Organizer" instead. That's it!

    I hope that helps! :chuffed:

  • @learning_1pw @john_m A bit belated, but much thanks to both of you for the helpful info! Exactly what I was looking for.

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    Glad that helped! We really have a great community here, and we're always happy to help as well. Have a great weekend! :)

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