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I had a second laptop that I gave away and forgot that I had one password on their set up with my license on it . it was empty of passwords what the app was still there . i'm sure that they are using it for their own benefit now.... is there any danger to me ?

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  • brentybrenty

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    @selest: None whatsoever, but it's good that you asked! Just to be completely clear, a 1Password license is in no way associated with your data. Your 1Password data is stored separately from the app as well. As long as you didn't have your actual data stored there (it doesn't sound like you did), the only thing associated with you personally that they'll have is your name (which they probably already know) and your license key (which won't affect your ability to use it yourself). And of course even if you'd left your actual vault there, it's encrypted with your Master Password so they won't be able to access it without that. I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • ok, thanks so much for the response. I just wanted to make sure they can restore access online by way of the access key or email address. So even if they had access to my email? they couldnt access the data? aside from the masterpassword of course

  • AlexHoffmannAlexHoffmann

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    Everything is secured behind your Master Password. As long as nobody knows it and it was a strong Master Password, the chances of someone getting at your data close to zero.

    If you only had the 1Password app on there with your licence code still in place, then there is no chance they'll be able to access it at all.

    Say, do you use a account or a standalone licence for 1Password 4?
    (Please don't post any personal data or data related to your 1Password account here.)



  • just a standalone license.... on both mac and pc. I dont have a .com account

  • brentybrenty

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    @selest: In that case, as Alex mentioned above, your data is encrypted using your Master Password, so that would be necessary to decrypt it as well, even if they have the vault already. And if you're using a long, strong, unique Master Password, it would take literally millions of dollars worth of effort (hardware, software, and time spent on both trying to guess it).

    And just for reference, in the case of a account, the same applies, only at a cost of billions instead, due to the added protection of the Secret Key. That's not to say that the standalone version is insecure, but because hosts people's encrypted data, we need to plan for a scenario wherein an attacker breaks into our systems, so that we not only don't have the keys to anyone's data (so it is useless to them), but also so that it is impossible to perform a brute force attack against the Master Password, since the randomly generated, 128-bit Secret Key is also need to decrypt the data. We don't take chances with anyone's data — including our own! :)

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