Edge and 1Password: A Work in Progress


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A lot of folks ask us about Edge, Microsoft's newest browser in Windows 10. It shows a lot of promise, and we're excited about the possibilities there too! We've been working together with Microsoft to get the 1Password extension in Edge for a while now, and while we can't make any promises, we are making progress. We hope to be able to share more in the future.

There's a lot we can't talk about publicly at this time, but Edge is following a similar trajectory to Chrome and Firefox with regard to extensions. We'll be using native messaging to allow 1Password to work with the browser. The great thing about this is that if we're successful it should mean that Edge users may never have to deal with 3rd party software interfering with their use of 1Password in the browser.

When will 1Password be available in Edge?

We don't know. It's being actively worked on, but we don't have any way of knowing for certain if or when it will be ready.

Until the recent Windows 10 Creators Update, we were missing a lot of functionality that 1Password needs to integrate with the browser. We've been working with Microsoft for a while to get access to what we need and have been able to work on this because some Insider Preview releases enabled the functionality we've been waiting for. Right now, the APIs we need are only available to UWP apps, so we're working on getting 1Password 6 into the Windows Store as we continue working on the necessary changes in 1Password itself.

Which version of 1Password will work with Edge?

1Password 6, included with your 1Password membership, was built from the ground up using Microsoft's latest tools, so we're working on Edge support there. This isn't the case with the older 1Password 4 code.

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