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The new setting for "Never display in browser" is great. love it.
I do however see that it's not showing up as an option on my secure notes. Can you enable it there? (and check that it's available everywhere also?)

Can you also implement a "Never display in search" also? (working everywhere: web, app, ios, etc...).

I have some items I don't want to delete (yes, I know I can delete, but not empty archive/trash). I instead move them to a separat vault, and the "never display in browser" fixes my issues for searching through the plugin - but I'd like it to be in the 1P windows app too :)

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    Hi @rr4242,

    Thanks for writing in.

    The display in browser option is only for the fillable categories, the purpose is to not show any items you explicitly do not want to fill in any situations. As such, this option is limited to Logins, Credit Cards and Identities. This is consistent across all platforms that 1Password is on.

    This isn't meant to be a comprehensive option to hide from anywhere and we don't have any plans to expand this as there's a better method for this, which you already are doing; move any items you want hidden to a separate vault.

    In a future update coming to 1Password for Windows, we will have All Vaults settings where you can exclude specific vaults like archival vaults, so that any items in these vaults will never show up. Here's an example of the said setting in 1Password for macOS:

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