Will Stripe's iDeal method be implemented?

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Stripe link: https://stripe.com/docs/sources/ideal

Since I live in the Netherlands and I do not use a creditcard, I use iDeal like a lot of other Dutch people. I came to understand that you use Stripe for payments with 1password, and was curious if you were open to implement iDeal payments into your system?

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    @gidotencate: That's a new one to me (and I suspect others as well, as we're not based in the Netherlands), but it's certainly something we can consider adding in the future. I'll share your request with the rest of the team. Thanks for bringing this up! :)

  • @brenty Do you know why the Agilebits store allows Paypal but not the 1Password website since they both use Stripe? I am interested in buying the normal 1Password subscription but since I do not have an Credit Card I can not pay normally. I am locked to buying a version of the 1password software in this case version 6. Since my trial will end soon I am curious if there are any other options to pay?

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    At present the only way to make a subscription payment is with a credit card, or a MasterCard or VISA brand debit card.

    The store is able to accept PayPal as it is much easier to manage independent sources for one off payments than it is to do so for recurring subscription payments. That isn't to say that we wouldn't ever consider adding PayPal as an option for subscription payments, but unfortunately it isn't likely to happen in the immediate future.

    Sorry I don't have the answer you were hoping for right now.


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