i am currently receiving a month free trial through Apple.

I don't see an option for family membership through Apple. Can i sign up through your site and migrate data over without losing data I've already completed?

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    Hi @volgirl,

    You can either do that, or you can email in to our support team ([email protected]) and we can help you with the steps to convert your individual account into a family account. It's not hard, but there's a couple steps that you need to do as we're limited to what we can do with your active apple subscription.

    If you were doing it yourself as you said, the steps would look like this:

    • Sign up a new Family account (save the emergency kit, etc..)
    • Sign in to the new Family account on one of the devices where you currently have your individual account
    • Use the app (iOS or Mac) to copy all of the items from the individual account to the Family account's Personal/Private vault
    • Remove the individual account from the device(s)
    • Cancel your trial subscription for the individual account
    • Either use the app to do an apple subscription of the Family account, or use the website to subscribe via credit card

    Let us know how that goes.


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