I cannot locate the standalone version of 1Password for Mac.

I am currently using the latest standalone version of 1Password for the Mac but I am trying to download a copy for my wife. All I can find is the subscription version. Where do I locate this? We have no interest in subscription service for such a critical piece of software.

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  • There is only one version of the program. Just download it from either the App Store or from https://1password.com/downloads/ depending on where you originally bought it.

  • Thanks, the install was a bit confusing

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    It sounds like you were able to install 1Password successfully, but if you need help with anything else just let us know. Cheers! :)

  • Just bought a new iMac 2017. Adding my standalone to the Mac was and is super confusing. I did get it loaded. I have 2 vaults now and don't know which is the right one. I am afraid to touch anything lol.

    From a security vantage, there is no "open on an new desktop" screen happening on the iMac, is it safe to type in the password on that screen? This is not necessary to stay safe on the iMac I guess?

    When I update or add a new location on my PC, I am guessing it will not be reflected on the iMac like it is between my PC desktop and PC notebook. They are now separate from each other ( the vault has traditionally been on Dropbox since day 1 for me)?

    Just an FYI, I could not figure out how to connect the vault or chain I have on my Dropbox folder on the new iMac. I did it accidentally by double clicking on the file in Dropbox. It then told me it was going to set up a new vault based on that vault - and it did.

    Overall, I am not complaining, but after spending a lot of time with good security hygiene with 1P, I felt a little out there with my pants down :) Even now, I am not really sure I am "buttoned up". I guess security on the 2017 iMac is not like it is on the PC. Much of this is due to being in PC for the last 25+ years and now dipping into the Mac pool. I know it will take some time. I just don't want to do something stupid after you guys keeping me safe for so many years :)

    One more question, on the PC the version is 4.xxxxx and on the iMac it is 6.xxx - did i do something wrong? Or they don't run the same number sequence?


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    @wkleem: 6.8 is still a beta, but there will be a stable release later on. ;)

    @Peter_Pappas: You're right, it's a bit different. On Windows, the latest standalone version which works with local vaults is 1Password 4. On the Mac, the latest is 1Password 6.

    macOS and iOS have something called Secure Input which prevents other apps from reading from the password field. This isn't something Windows offers, so 1Password 4 uses the Windows Secure Desktop feature there.

    It sounds like you may have setup 1Password with a new local vault on the new computer instead of choosing the existing vault in Dropbox, and then added that vault second. Is that correct?

    If you're using Dropbox to sync your data, you just need to make sure that all of your devices are pointing to the same vault there. Definitely check your setup to make sure that everything is configured properly:

    If you're having trouble syncing with Dropbox

    I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any questions! :)

  • Dear AgileBits,
    This article is unsettling. https://forums.appleinsider.com/discussion/200852

    I've been a 1P user for more years than I can recall, but this is concerning. Under no circumstances am I interested in storing my passwords on any server. Period. Would appreciate better clarity than "helping them understand what's best for them". I'd like assurance that local storage will continue to be offered.

  • Thank you Prime. I suppose that means I will continue to use 1P "for the foreseeable future".

  • @makeintosh no problem. There are people using 1Password 3 and that hasn't been made since 2013. I was very against the whole subscription, but doing research, I switched and not looking back.

    I used Dropbox, iCloud, and wifi for syncing and this is far the best I've ever used. So before going against it, please look into it. There is a lot to read about it.

  • I have. I respect your conclusion but it's not something I would do. To each his own.

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    Indeed. :)


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    Under no circumstances am I interested in storing my passwords on any server.

    @makeintosh: Likewise, that's why 1Password doesn't ever work this way. All data is encrypted locally on your device, and only you ever have the keys to decrypt it, regardless of the setup you choose. This is fundamental to 1Password's security model and hasn't changed. Cheers! :)

  • Thank you Brenty. 1Password is the most critical app I own and is a key tool for avoiding my information from being hacked. It is always the first app installed whenever I refresh any of my Macs or IOS devices. I was worried that my security may be compromised by a change in approach so I'm grateful for the clarification and reassurance.

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    @makeintosh - That's fantastic news! On behalf on Brenty you're very welcome. I'm glad to hear the information helped and please feel free to reach out to us anytime. We're always here for you if you need us :wink: Enjoy the rest of your day.

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