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Happy day, fellow bitizen! :waves:

Today I am incredibly excited to announce a new addition to our 1Password family: a brand new Chrome extension made especially for our Linux and Chrome OS users!

Starting today you no longer need to open your account on 1Password.com and manually copy over passwords over every time you want to log in to a site. Now you simply click the toolbar icon and let 1Password do all the heavy lifting for you.

Not only does 1Password do all the hard work, it does so with style! Here's how things look for me now when opening 1Password on GitHub:

In addition to having a lovely new design this present comes with three awesome new features not seen anywhere else:

  1. Time-based one time passwords can be filled automatically within the page! No copy and paste needed!
  2. When choosing which vault you'd like to view you're able to choose All Vaults for a specific account. This is fantastic for switching between work and personal accounts.
  3. We automatically log you in to all your 1Password Accounts. You simply log in to your main account and every 1Password Account you have stored there will be added automagically.

As great as these are my favourite feature by far is the full keyboard navigation. From instant search to navigating between items, using the keyboard is very natural and has been a core part of the design since the very beginning.

Best of all you can start playing today! All you need is Chrome 60 or later as well as a 1Password Membership. Then install our beta from here and enjoy!

If you have any questions or issues, please let us know by posting a new thread in this private forum. And please please please, honour our NDA during this private testing period.

Take care and have fun!



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