Chrome extension redirecting to gmail mailto

Hi team,

It seems the first time it's loaded (but I haven't narrowed it down exactly - it is happening every day at least once) then when you try to load a password for a site you are already on, it redirects to:

This happened just now when I wasn't logged in, but it's happened when I was.

My process was:
1) Go to any URL (e.g. in this instance)
2) Click on 1Password mini plugin

3) Password prompt & enter
4) Click to fill password
5) Successful signin

3) Before entering anything, I was redirected to the above URL (N.B. GMail isn't my default mail handler, but maybe it's a Chrome thing)

N.B. The sites are correctly configured in 1Password and work subsequently - it's just not predictable when they do start working. In this case, it worked the second time.

Diagnostics available but redacted publically. Email me.

This happens with other URLs. You can see here my entry for that URL is pretty generic:
<< redacted >>

P.S. It's unclear from emailing [email protected] whether my message is actually going to get replied to by a human or not. It says "while you wait", implying a future manual response but there is no option to tell you if it's resolved via your links. Your wording needs to change.

1Password Version: 6.5.401d
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: iPassword
Referrer: forum-search:Chrome extension redirecting to gmail mailto


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