master password stop working suddently

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I have been using 1password for about half a year, same master password, but it stop working for me today.

I cannot use same master password on 3 of my devices, windows/mac/iphone/chrome.

I am sure I type in right password, and I can only use touch id to login from iphone right now, any ideas how i solve the problem??

1Password Version: 6.7.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Not Provided


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    Hi jjwuw - Sorry to hear about the Master Password issue. To get a better understanding, I just emailed you with instructions to send me over a Diagnostics Report from your iPhone. At your earliest convenience, reply back to me so we can continue our conversation. Have a great day and I look forward to your reply. :+1:

    ref: VDB-39923-337

  • It happened to me this morning. Right after creating a 1Password account, I configured the Windows version (6.6.439) and everything was working fine. Sync worked both way. I unlocked the Windows app a few times without a problem.

    Then I left my computer and the app locked itself, and suddenly I couldn't unlock it anymore ! With the same password I used a moment before. I'm sure of the password because I could login on the web version.

    I had to delete the local data (in %localappdata%...) then sign in again in the Windows app. Don't know what happend :| no problem since then.

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    Hi @Lemimouth - Thank you for letting us know. Sorry about that but I'm glad to hear you back up and running again :smile: If this happens again, please reach out to us so we can investigate this a bit more. Make sure you print out your Emergency Kit and write your Master Password in the space provided at the bottom. Keep this in a safe & secure location. Keep us posted :+1:

  • Hi Frank,

    Sure I'll let you know if it happens again ;) regarding the emergency kit it's already printed !

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    Fantastic news! Virtual high-five coming your way @Lemimouth :blush:

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