Documentation with 1password 6 upgrades?

I just upgraded to the latest version of 1password 6 and everything is great, but do you guys offer a 'what's in this release' mini document when a new version of the app is available? In the new release, the padlock moved from top right to bottom left, and even though it only takes a few seconds to locate it in its new location, it would have been nice to know that you'd made little changes like that prior to doing the upgrade. Was there a document that I missed? :)

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    Hi @TDK1044 - It's great to hear back from you. I hope all is well on your end. Great question! The team does a pretty good job listing any changes via the release notes page when we update the apps. I wasn't too sure if you checked this already. Keep me posted and I hope this helped :smile:

  • Hi Frank, I'd forgotten about the release notes page. Thanks.

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    Anytime @TDK1044, I'm glad you asked :wink: Enjoy the rest of your day!

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