1Password for Safari becomes unresponsive [workaround: restart Safari]

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  • I have the same issue with the Safari toolbar icon becoming unresponsive. Not using McAfee is not an option, as it's a corporate mandate and cannot be uninstalled. I have found that it's not necessary to reboot the Mac to get the icon to respond again. It's usually enough to just kill and restart Safari. Happy to collect a diagnostic report when this happens if it would be helpful.

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    Hey @BadHorse,

    I'm very sorry for the trouble with this. As you have McAfee installed, the issue you've experienced is likely a known one. Does it happen most often after waking your Mac from sleep? If so I'm afraid the only known workaround (other than uninstalling McAfee which isn't an option for you) is to reboot your Mac. At that point 1Password for Safari should work as normal.

    Another user above has reported that this does not happen with Chrome so using that browser instead might be an alternative for you.

    As I understand it, the problem is caused by 1Password's use of a Web Socket connection between the extension and the 1Password app. This is a network based connection and after sleep it is being interfered with by the McAfee Anti-Virus. We are currently working to move from a Web Socket based connection to a Native Messaging connection which will avoid using network connections to communicate between the extension and the 1Password app. We are working to support this on Chrome and Firefox first. Afterwards we will likely be focusing our efforts on Safari.

    I hope that helps. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

    Best regards,

  • No, it doesn't seem to be related to waking the computer from sleep, and as I mentioned I've found that simply killing and restarting the browser is enough to restore normal behavior - no need to reboot the entire machine. So this may not be the same issue as you've already identified.

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    Hey @BadHorse,

    Sorry, I should have noticed that you mentioned restarting Safari resolved this for you in your original reply. I have split our posts out into their own thread as it appears this issue is slightly different to the original McAfee issue which required a computer restart to resolve.

    If you notice this happening again, please do send us a Diagnostics Report right after it happens. That way the Diagnostics Report will capture any information at that time that would be useful to us. The steps for how to create a Diagnostics Report are in the following guide:


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