Usage or connectivity issues in China (mainland) for

Looking to see if anyone has experience with cloud accounts while in mainland China. Namely looking to see if there noticeable issues with syncing or other connectivity issues. Thanks for sharing.


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    @hellojz: Hmm. I haven't seen customers reporting issues with in China, but if there are any that have maybe they can weigh in here with their experiences. I'm definitely aware of issues connecting to Dropbox and other sync/sharing services there though, and based on that and some other connection issues people around the world have encountered I can see two scenarios that could be a problem for users in China (or, really, any country with internet censorship):

    Scenario A: The government blocks outright

    As far as I know this hasn't happened, as it would be a pretty big hurdle for us. There isn't anything we could do to rectify that. Typically we hear of demands of backdoors, etc., but that just isn't possible with only the user ever has the keys to their data, and they are never transmitted to us, even during the sign in process. Users, however, may be able to circumvent this using something like TOR or VPN.

    Scenario B: The government doesn't block but interferes with secure connections

    This is often harder for users to detect, and happens rather frequently with "security" suites who perform person-in-the-middle attacks (ostensibly to scan encrypted traffic for anything malicious) on their customers. has incredibly strict security and will reject the connection if it cannot verify that it is end-to-end encrypted with a legitimate certificate chain and appropriate TLS security in effect (to prevent downgrade attacks). Depending on the situation, a VPN or TOR may help with this as well.

    That said, again, it doesn't appear that any of this is happening though, but if users in China or anywhere else are experiencing these issues I'd encourage them to reach out to spread the word.

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