changed password on 3 devices-but input wrong password in 1 device. cannot open. What do I do?

I have a desktop and two i phones with the same password. Recently changed all to a new password but input it incorrectly into one of the i phones. Now I cannot open that iphone. What do I do?

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    Thanks for writing in with your question. Are these devices set up to sync at all? If they are then you could simply delete 1Password on that phone, and re-install, and pick that sync method on the first run screen to setup the copy of 1Password with your existing data.

    Also worth note is that you don't need to change the master password on each device when you're syncing. It will automatically propagate over to the other devices. You just need to unlock once with the old password so that the data syncs and then lock and unlock with the new password. You can read about how that works on our blog post.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.


  • Thanks for writing back. Is there any way that I can speak over the phone with someone as this is not going on my end. Thanks

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    Hi @wow69den,

    We're happy to provide customer service and technical support on the forum, by email, and/or on Twitter; I'm sorry we can't offer it over the phone. In fact, I see you've also contacted us through email about the Master Password not working on one of your iPhones and Trace has responded. So let's keep the conversation going there and I've let her know about the previous discussion here about your issue.

    ref: EIG-62996-289

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