My ultimate nightmare

I signed up through iTunes for a 1Password account on the 2 January 2014. I don't remember being given an emergency key. I have checked all my emails, saved documents and can find no record of this. I am usually obsessive about passwords, which is why I like 1

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  • I have unfortunately deleted my 1password app because it disappeared off my iPhone and I was told by apple to reset and then download the saved backup. unfortunately the saved back up post dated the date when the 1password disappeared and so there was no 1password to repatriate.
    I have an old version saved on a hard drive but cannot sync.
    can anyone help?

  • brentybrenty

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    @andrewb1: Thanks for reaching out. I’m really sorry to hear that. You will only have an Emergency Kit or Secret Key if you've signed up for a membership within the past year or so, as they didn't exist in 2014. That’s the only way you’ll be able to access your data through as well.

    Unfortunately we won't be able to help you recover your data, as we never have access to it. If you don't have it stored anywhere else, you will need to start over. There just isn't any way around that. But if you'll let me know what you have to work with, I'll be happy to help walk you through things.

    Did you backup your 1Password data at some point?

    Did you copy it to other devices, or sync it somewhere?

    Let me know what you have to work with and we'll go from there.

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    There is, many people associate passwords with accounts. But prior to accounts the data in question was only ever on the devices or sync services you might've configured 1Password to use.


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