Storing of outside-of-browser details using 1Password, such as FTP accounts

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I have a development team that is remote. They require server access via FTP (using applications like Filezilla). How can I store the FTP access details for them to use with non-browser applications like Filezilla. I tried setting an 'app' in place of a web page using Ctrl and Cmd on Mac but it doesn't bring up any applications list to choose from.
It's important that the actual login password to the server is not revealed to them but they can still access the FTP account - even if there is a copy/paste method for applications, that's fine.
Is this possible with 1Password?

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    Hi @dhawalshah! Welcome to the forums! :chuffed:

    1Password is able to fill logins in web pages because the web is generally all written in the same, standardised language (HTML). Native applications running on a computer is a very different story - there are so many different ways in which an application developer could implement any username/password/etc. type authentication dialogs that it's not really feasible for us to support autofill for every app out there.

    What you can do though is store your details for non-Login items in other item types. For the example you gave of an FTP server, 1Password comes with a "Server" item type that might be great for your needs. One thing to note, in a situation where your members need to copy and paste details (such as into an app), there's no way not to reveal all of an item's details to them - they could just paste any detail into a different app like Notepad for example.

    I hope that helps! :+1:

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