I have my email, secret key and master password but I can't log on to my account.

I've been flailing around so much I must have knocked something off the shelf. I may have more than one account? Am also trying to set up Family Account but guess I really don't know how that's supposed to work.

Recently I have been unable to open 1Password app on my iPad because I don't remember my password and it no longer allows thumbprint. Fortunately I can still use 1Password on my iPhone because it will still take thumbprint.

1Password Version: 6.7.2
Extension Version: Don't know
OS Version: IOS 10.3.2
Sync Type: Don't know
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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @brucehousser,

    Sorry to hear about the difficulty accessing your account. I see you also emailed us and have already had a conversation with Andrew there. For the future please try to avoid contacting us regarding the same issue via multiple channels as it causes a duplication of efforts, which slows down support for everyone. It looks like Andrew has got you back on the right track, so we'll continue the conversation there.



    ref: SEC-89237-495

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