Adding URL in iOS overides existing URL?

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This might be a bug I have seen few times. Some login entries contain several websites (URL). If I'm adding the new URL on iOS device, the original URL is overwritten with the new one, creating two line items that are identical. The old URL is wiped out.

The Mac version does not behave this way. There are several reasons I have few URLs for a particular login, for example actual Login URL as well as the main webpage, just for reference.

1Password Version: 6.8
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 10.3.2
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @Fairgame

    Thanks for taking the time to report this difficulty. I'm having trouble reproducing it, though...

    Could you please tell me:

    1) Does this happen every time you add a new website field to an item?
    2) If it only happens in some cases, is there any similarity between the items that it happens to that you can think of, that makes them different from items where this does not happen?
    3) What device is this happening on?



  • FairgameFairgame
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    I'll do some testing in next few days. But it appears to happen every time, on iPad and iPhone.
    Existing login account, adding new URL for some reason and the login URL above got overwritten.
    I'll get back on here with some screenshots.

  • FairgameFairgame
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    Well, I found one difference. When adding URL and changing description, the first URL is overwritten as well. If I do not change the description, everything is fine. I'll try to post some cropped screenshots below. All changes are done on iPad.

    The original entry:

    Edit to add URL:

    Edit to change default "website" to "Support". Note that the first URL is changed as well, both URL and description:

    Canceled out, nothing is changed. Now I started the same, change is made only to the URL field, description is not changed:


    After saving the URL, I did open edit feature again and changed the description:

    What might be wrong is that on the iPad the cursor is in one place, but due to some formatting of the page and zoom setting, different area is being changed (URL number one in this case). Sometime I try to edit field in 1PW and the page jumps around and it is hard to find the place being edited. Just an idea.

  • brentybrenty

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    @Fairgame: Thanks for following up on this. I think I may know what's going on here, but if I'm right it's a bug we'd fixed a long time ago rearing its ugly head again. Does the same thing happen if you make edits on the iPhone, or just the iPad?

    The thing that stands out to me here is that your screenshots look nothing like Ben's. He's using the standard website fields to store login URLs. This is the only way 1Password will match the login to the current site.

    In your case, it appears that you may be creating new custom fields for each of these (hence the different names. Is that correct? Either way, please tell me exactly the steps you're taking to do this with a new item, as that should help me reproduce and narrow down this issue — whether it's a regression or something else entirely.

    So, just to make sure we're starting from the same page, the first thing we need to establish is where you're entering this information, both the names and URLs — in the standard "website" fields at the top of the item details, or further down in the custom "section name" and "add new field" areas. Thanks so much for bringing this up!

    ref: OPI-2915

  • Brenty,

    It happened on both iPad and iPhone.

    I click "Add URL", so the standard website fields.

    I cropped my screenshots (to cover usernames and other info). But the only items above the URL fields are login name, username and password. So in Ben's picture it would be the field that appears below "https://1Password.local" when "edit" button is selected. The difference from Ben's picture would be that I change "website" to some other description (such as Diceware list in my screen shot) to help me remember the reason for the extra URL. Usually I use the first URL for login and the rest of the URLs for reference.

    Per my tests, if I overwrite the description "website" in a separate step, after saving the URL, everything works.
    If both URL and description are changed during the same step, clicking "save" changes the first URL as described in my first post.

    Hope this helps.

    PS: As described, the workaround is to save the info in two steps, URL first, description second.

    PS2: Obviously, we use 1Password for much more then just login info. We have lots of contact info, PDF of warranties for different items we purchase, URLs associated in our mind with a particular login, notes and info, license numbers etc. Basically a large database used in our lives.
    Thank you for creating it!

  • brentybrenty

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    @Fairgame: First of all, thanks so much for the extra detail. That's a reasonable workaround, but I'm sorry it's necessary. Thanks so much for the kind words, especially given the circumstances. We'll get this fixed.

    I did notice one thing that I think makes a difference here. I'm able to reproduce this exactly using your example (Support / but if I add the protocol to the URL before saving (Support / then it appears that it saves correctly, without wiping out the first "website" entry. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention!

    ref: OPI-4135

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