Using 1Password 4 and 1Password 6 in separate Windows user accounts


  • Apologies if this is a goofy question, but can v4 & v6 cohabitate on the same Windows 10 PC if they're installed under two different Win 10 user profiles? -

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    Hey @55208wcgk! I imagine that would actually make it easier to use both. 1Password 6 is installed per user, so if it's not installed on the user profile with 1Password 4, it has no way to interfere with it. :chuffed:

  • Thanks, Kate.

    Pardon me in advance for asking but given all the discussions I've seen on this topic I want to make sure I do NOT blow up my v4 installation. You are saying that I can have both v4 & v6 installed on my ONE PC if I install them under different Windows 10 profiles, correct? Very important as I again do NOT want to do anything to screw up my v4 installation.

    If this is possible, I very much do want to look at v6 but my gut sense from researching an upgrade is it will not have the flexibility that v4 does. I know it's faster & newer & all the adjectives but I have v4 pretty customized with folders & even different levels of sub folders & I want to keep that organization, even it it means staying on v4 until that functionality becomes available in v6. If I'm wrong & I actually do have nested folder capability (albeit called by another name) then please correct me. And to clarify, my structure would be something like a root folder called CARS - just a readily identifiable off the top of head example. Inside CARS would be three nested sub folders called FERRARI, LAMBO & TESLA. Nested in each of those might be other folders.

    On a final note, I won't start another thread about local copies of the database, ala v4, because it looks like that's been done to death but I will throw my hat in the ring that that is pretty close to a deal breaker for me not going to v6 as well.

    Thanks again for your hard work and patience as I work through my upgrade decision. I do like the app & want to stay on it but need to get some clarity on what I'm losing & gaining in an upgrade & right now I'm just not seeing the upside. Help!

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    @55208wcgk: First, no pardon necessary. This is what we're here for! ;)

    You can definitely have 1Password 4 and 1Password 6 installed in separate Windows user accounts. But, like most folks who used both I think, I use them under the same user account. There's some setup necessary to keep them from interfering with each other, and you cannot use them both in browser concurrently, but it at least makes it possible to use 1Password 4 with existing local vaults while accessing vaults in 1Password 6.

    However, (and, by extension, 1Password 6, which supports it) does not use folders and we have no plans to add them. Instead, we're using tags there, since they're more flexible and work in a much broader range of use cases. We'll be continuing to make these more useful and easier to manage as well.

    It's up to you if you want to stick with 1Password 4 with folders, but based on your example you can do something similar with tags. And instead of having to manually assign items to a Cars/FERRARI subfolder, etc. you can have items with as you described each with a Cars tag and then separate tags for FERRARI, LAMBO, and TESLA. I'm guessing that there's more to it than that, but I thought I'd throw that out there in case it helps.

    And just to clarify, with the apps also cache the data locally in the apps, so it isn't as if it's not available offline. I hope that helps, but please let us know if you have any other questions at all. We're here for you! :)

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