Multiple 1password icons in safari menu bar

Hi, I have three 1password icons in my safari menu bar. How do I get back to 1?


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    Hi @NielsB

    Three versions of the 1Password extension sounds like two too many! Could you please go to Safari's Preferences then Extensions and check if you have three versions of 1Password's extension over there? If you do, can you show us a screenshot of what you see so we can help you get rid of the right one? If you only see one, please let us know because we'll have to do some more digging as to what might be going on here :blush:

  • I have exactly the same problem. Basically there are three mini icons next to each other.

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    If there are three icons up in the menu bar (not in the Safari toolbar), that could mean you have several copies of the 1Password application. Search for extra copies and remove them, and then restart. The most likely culprit is extra copies in your Downloads folder.


  • Same problem here. I have tried removing the extension and reinstalling, but the multiple Toolbar icons keep coming back.!

  • Hi @Buadhai,

    I'm going to blame Safari for this as I've never seen anything like it. Here is what I would like you to try for me please.

    1. Launch Safari.
    2. Use the menu option File > Export Bookmarks... and save somewhere safe like your Desktop.
    3. Download the trial version of AppDelete.
    4. Copy it to your Applications folder and then launch AppDelete.
    5. In AppDelete use the menu option Tools > App Reset....
    6. Select Safari in the Finder window that pops up and click the Choose button.
    7. The main AppDelete window will change and display a number of entries relating to Safari with all of them ticked except for the top entry for the actual application.
    8. Click the Delete button.

    This will purge Safari completely, right back to a never been used state. We will now need to get your bookmarks back. If you sync bookmarks via iCloud I believe you should find the bookmarks are all there as normal. If you don't synchronise bookmarks (I don't myself) you can import your bookmarks after this reset of Safari by making use of the menu option File > Import From > Bookmarks HTML File... in Safari and pointing it to the file you saved in step 2. above. So whether you synchronise bookmarks or not you shouldn't be at risk of losing them.

    Can you then install a fresh copy of our extension from 1Password Safari Extension from Apple's Safari Extension Gallery and see if the issue persists. After this you will need to reinstall the other extension you use as we completely wiped the Safari support folder but with a little luck it will resolve whatever Safari craziness is going on.

  • I've done what you asked. Now we wait a day or two to see what happens.

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    Sounds good. :)

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