1password installation freezing windows 7

1Password offered to install an update. I accepted, but did not note the version. I have not turned on my Windows 7 machine since July 10, 2017, if that helps narrow it down. The installation ("Installing/Please wait while Setup install 1Password on your computer") has been frozen for 45 minutes. The Cancel button is unavailable, nor with the upper right X work. I have to get on with my day, so I'm going to force quit (:-(
Checking in Windows Task Manager, there's a process called 1Password- *32 running. It's taking 00 CPU.

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    Hi @cupcakewalk,

    Thanks for writing in. Please do force quit and/or reboot your computer.

    Do you have any anti-malware solution running and if yes, which one?

    After the reboot, try disabling the AV temporary and install 1Password, it may work.

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