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  • @rickfillion Any update on the recovery of backups? I just had my team account get deleted and I was actually using the personal vault for personal credentials. I thought that my personal vault wouldn't go away when I was removed from the team, but it did. Do you know if there is any recourse in this case?

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    @zberkom : Your best bet is to have an admin of the team email our support team. We can figure out what can be done from there.

    When the email is sent you’ll receive an auto reply including a request id. Shoot that my way and I’ll make sure it gets looked at quickly for you.


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    I’m in that situation right now - I foolishly deleted my personal vault when I tried to delete a family account I didn’t want because I wanted to unfreeze one I’d created previously. I have time machine backups and I can see lots of data in zip files but I cannot get back to my personal vault and 8 months and many many hours worth of painstaking changes to document my private info just how I like it. Is there any hope for me to recover this?

  • My support ID is [#JED-33253-247].

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    Hi @zzlrietb! Welcome to the forum!

    I confirm that we have received your email. We will get back to you over there as soon as possible.

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    Thank you very much @ag_ana - I figured with the Toronto timezone and the weekend that there might be some delay, so it is very nice to see this response that you will get back to me. I'm also hoping I can return to my original account settings, renewing on the 29th July 2019. However, whatever the account settings, if there is some way I can recover my data will be a huge relief and is my main concern. Ironically I saved a copy into a local vault back around Aug 2018 as I was worried about something like this happening. Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to automate that backup to local vault and neglected to take another backup just before I upgraded my subscription to 'Laurence Rietberg's family' subscription as the last state it was in before I stupidly deleted it, thinking it was separate to my private vault - I only did that because I realised I had an old family subscription "The Rietberg Family" and I noticed it was $1 cheaper per month, purchased via the app, so I decided to re-enable that instead. Unfortunately I didn't notice that first, and got so focused on doing that I neglected the fundamentals - having a backup, an updated copy to my local vault or export for good measure, and not carefully checking the implications for my Private vault that contains all my data. I don't recall finding a way to set my cloud vault to backup to my private one automatically back in Aug 2018 - I guess the feature is not there deliberately as part of the security architecture change to the cloud model. Nevertheless, there's a good slice of my life invested in that data between then and yesterday, and if I can get it back I will be very grateful to you! :-) I'm hoping if nothing else, you can do something with whatever local cache 1Password7 has been keeping on my MacBookAir if it's not possible to recover my account/Private vault in the cloud. I also have a fairly recent time machine backup too, if I need to access that. My iPhone 7 is backed up to iCloud. Thanks in advance for the help!

  • Hi @ag_ana I apologise for the second (separate) post to this one. I was a little too hasty and in a bit of a panic and not thinking straight. Will await a response via email.

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    No worries at all @zzlrietb! I totally understand :) Thank you for your patience in the meantime.

  • Hi, Jin has sent me an email and I have sent a couple of replies. The previous one was an hour ago. I will need to go to bed soon as it is 2am. Wondering if I should wait online for a reply? I am hoping my vault data can be retrieved from the deleted account. I'm sure that is where it is because of the way I went about upgrading it to a family account, then deleting that, which deleted the original individual vault. When I try to add my individual account using my emergency kit, I obtain an error - I emailed the screen shot of the error to Jin.

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    @zzlrietb - 1Password is now used (and distributed) all over the world, so we've tried to assemble a team that can have at least a few members available at nearly any time. But I'd recommend not waiting too long for a reply, since even we have to sleep occasionally. :) Even if someone has to pick up where another teammate has left off, we try not to let more than 24 hours go by without a response to an open conversation. It will be helpful (and less confusing), however, if we can confine our conversations to a single communication channel. Since we're already helping you via email support, let's keep the conversation going there instead of in multiple places at the same time. Thanks. :)

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