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  • Sorry to butt into this conversation, but I'm having the same problem. 1Password works swimmingly on all my devices--iMac, iPad, iPhone, MacBook. But as soon as I try to use it on Windoze, I have problems. I can only open it with my old master password. Of course, this reveals my old data. Drop box is synced, but when I go to import the data, there are no options under choose a vault to import to. We have a family account, BTW.

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    Hey @KTGBGRME! Based on your screenshot, it looks like you haven't signed into your family account yet on Windows and instead just added your standalone vault data to 1Password 6, which is why you're not seeing a vault to import into and are using your old Master Password.

    First, just double check that you can access all of your data when you sign in through your browser. If everything is there, follow these instructions to reset your local database on Windows. Sign in again and you should be all set. :chuffed:

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    @KTGBGRME: I hope you don't mind, but I did want to split you off here since you're not using the standalone 1Password app as the other person is. Don't want us getting our wires crossed there. :)

    Just to clarify, 1Password.com accounts don't use Dropbox to sync data. You can import from a vault in your Dropbox folder on the PC, but just make sure you don't do this with the same data on multiple devices, or you'll end up with duplicates in your account.

    I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

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