Must use secret key each to sign in on iphone

Hello, I recently downloaded 1P on an iPhone and then used the secret key and master PW to sign in. This worked and I was able to access my information. Now when I touch the 1P icon I am required again to enter the secret key and master PW. The master PW is obviously required but surely not the secret key as well. This same process was done on an iPad and the secret key was not required after the first sign in.
Thanks for any help.

1Password Version: 6.8
Extension Version: ?
OS Version: IOS 10.3.3
Sync Type: iCloud
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    @JohnP: Thanks for reaching out. I’m a bit confused. Are you using a account, or syncing a local vault with iCloud? The Secret Key is only used with a account, and when you authorize the app with your account it won't ask you for the Secret Key again. There isn't even a place to enter the Secret Key on 1Password's lock screen, so I wonder if you're signing into in your web browser and you're having to go through the process from scratch again after clearing the browser. Let me know!

    ref: BWX-41779-299

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