Moving (not copying) items to other vaults in Windows app; Demo available in Windows app?

I am a long time 1PW user on Mac. I love it. So much that I persuaded my work colleagues to sign our organization up for 1PW for teams. Now I'm trying to learn enough about 1PW on Windows to be able to train/coach my co-workers -- most of whom use Windows. Uck.

  1. Do I take it that Demo vault is not available on Windows app? Any way you can change that? (I'm reluctant to use my mac to do it, because the apps look so different that folks become confused when they have to go back to their own computers.)

  2. in the Windows app, when I try to move an item from a vault in my personal account to a vault in my work account, it only copies it to that vault. It will not move it, and I end up with two copies, the original and a copy in the vault I tried to move it to. The same thing works seamlessly on the Mac. Am I doing something wrong? Do I just not understand something arcane about Windows (I try never to use it)?

1Password Version: Windows downloaded today
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows Server 2012 Essential Connector 6.2
Sync Type: Not Provided
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    @jeanlyons: Thanks for reaching out! While the new Windows app doesn't have a demo vault built in, especially if it's something you'll use quite a bit, you could create a new vault in your account and use 1Password for Mac to copy/move the items there so that it's accessible on Windows for you as well. You could even share this vault with others on the team! It may be something we can add to the Windows app — or — directly in the future, but for now the demo vault is just a local vault that 1Password for Mac has built into it.

    Regarding the move issue, I'm not able to reproduce this here. Can you tell me the exact Windows and 1Password versions you're using? I wonder if we have a bug specific to your setup. Thanks in advance!

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