1P did not update my password

I just logged into my SSA account and had to update my password. When I put it the new password and clicked submit 1P asked me if I wanted to create a new login or update my existing login. I clicked update existing. After I logged out of my SSA account I opened 1P to see if my password had been updated. It had NOT been updated. I then checked to see if a new login had been created. A new login had NOT been created.

1Password 6
Version 6.8 (680015)
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    Hi @fourwheelcycle

    Was the updated password one that you generated using 1Password? If so, as long as you filled it from the browser extension, you can check the Passwords category for this item.


  • Fortunately, I entered my own password. If I had let 1P generate it, and then there was no record, I would have had to go back to SSA and tell them I had forgotten my password. With their new security concerns I fear how many steps I would have had to go through to prove I am me.

    My concern is that this is the first time 1P has ever said it was updating my login item and then failed to do so. I expect 1P to "just work". I didn't know that software programs could make mistakes, I thought only humans did that.

  • Hi @fourwheelcycle,

    The fact that 1Password did not automatically ask if you wanted to update an existing Login item makes me think there is something a bit different about this page, something that is confusing 1Password. I don't know what you're referring to when you say SSA account so could you supply the URL for the publicly visible login page please and we'll see what we can do to improve 1Password's behaviour here :smile:

  • Pleaser read my initial post. I went to the My SSA web site, The site told me I needed to update my password due to their new six month rule. I updated my password and clicked the SSA's Submit button. Immediately, 1P cut in and asked if I wanted to create a new login or update my existing login. I clicked 1P's Update Existing button. After I finished at the SSA web site I went into 1P to make sure it had updated my existing login with the new password. It had NOT updated the password.

    Note: 1P DID automatically ask if I wanted to update my existing login item.

  • Hi @fourwheelcycle,

    When you say SSA I don't know what you're referring to. That's why I was looking for confirmation and the URL so that there is no mistake about the site. The second part is, I believe, a misunderstanding. The extension attempts to identify login forms it should ask if you want to save and it also attempts to identify password change forms. If you have to click to make the Update Existing tab the one in focus then 1Password did not correctly identify the form. If the Update Existing tab was already active then I've misinterpreted the meaning behind "I clicked update existing". We'll gain a better idea once we've confirmed the site.

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    If you type My SSA in Google you will get this URL. That is the page I was on.


    I can only repeat what I have said before. I was at the SSA web site. Only that site's page was in focus. As soon as I clicked Submit after typing in my new password the 1P box popped up. It was superimposed on the SSA web page and it was in focus. It asked if I wanted to create (or save ???) a new login item or update my existing login item. I clicked on update existing.

  • Hi @fourwheelcycle,

    Thank you. From experience I've learn that googling can often lead to multiple options so it is simply much safer to ask and ensure we're using the same URL. I also see we're referring to a US specific site which would explain why I've not heard of it - I'm located in the UK.

    In the Save Login prompt there are two tabs as highlighted below. What I was trying to establish is which one was in focus when the prompt appeared.

    The reason for the question is while they may both be part of the same dialog, which appears first actually tells us a lot about what how the page was interpreted. If when you say you clicked on Update Existing you're referring to the tab and not the button that's something very different from if 1Password displayed the Update Existing tab straight away.

    I'm going to see if any of my colleagues already use this site as I personally won't be able to reach and test the change password form. We have a couple of people based in the US so I'm sure somebody has an account :smile:

  • I'm not sure if you are looking for a response from me now, or after you have consulted your US colleagues. For now, I will note that I clicked on Update Existing in the lower right hand corner.

  • None of the US colleagues I've discussed this with have an account so we'll be looking into the requirements for creating an account and whether there are any implications for doing so given we can't create a throwaway account like we could with say Amazon. We'll have to wait and see what we learn.

  • I just went to the web page I provided above to see if I could recreate the problem. I expected I might not be able to, since the problem first happened when SSA required me to update my password under their new six month rule. I can't do that exactly again for six months!

    However, I signed in and then clicked to update my password. I updated my password and I when I clicked Submit on the SSA page 1P immediately popped up its Update Existing window superimposed on the SSA window. I watched closely and saw that 1P's window was already set to Update Existing at the top of the window. I clicked on Update Existing in the bottom of the window and the 1P box went away. I then logged out and checked my 1P main program list of logins. My SSA login password had NOT been updated.

  • 1P's window was already set to Update Existing at the top of the window.

    That's what I was interested in learning. That strongly indicates the page isn't that weird and so it is disappointing that the Login item wasn't updated with the correct password. We will need to investigate and determine what kind of fix will be required.

    If you had used 1Password to generate a new password what you would have discovered in this situation would be the presence of a Password item in your vault whose title and URL would match the domain for the SSA site. 1Password generates these as a safety net should you use the Password Generator in the helper menu. Normally 1Password will delete it afterwards when it updates a Login item to contain the same password. As 1Password hasn't done so correctly here it would have not deleted the Password item so at least retrieval of the generated password would have still been possible.

    ref: BRAIN-393

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