Is this families approach feasible?

Thinking about moving to a families account but want to see if my plan is feasible and/or a good idea. My wife and I currently keep our separate vaults stored on a shared DropBox account. That way we can each get to the others passwords when needed but don't have to see the other person's passwords on a daily basis. If we move to families, we want to continue this capability.

Since the personal vault is not sharable in 1P for families, I thought that I might create two new vaults, Glen & Mary. These would be our individual vaults but could be shared. We could then use the Shared vault for common passwords like bank accounts and the like. Neither of us have the need for a completely private vault.

How does this approach sound? Any potential problems?

1Password Version: 6.8
Extension Version: 4.6.7
OS Version: 10.12.6
Sync Type: DropBox


  • This setup works. Me and my wife currently uses this in 1P family

  • note: I have setup us both as organizers also so we both can access any vault that is not the primary (but we're not using the primary, and instead use the setup you described)

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    @rr4242: Thanks for chiming in! I think a lot of people do this. :)

    @glenthompson: The main caveat is that the Private (or Personal) vault cannot be disabled/deleted, but many of the apps support hiding individual vaults from the All Vaults view — or at least setting a default vault for saving, which can help avoid mixups with a vault like that you don't want to use.

    But yeah, any Organizer can create vaults to share with some, all, or no family members, and also perform recovery for other family members. I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • My wife and I do pretty much what you suggested, glenthompson. The only thing that I have added is that my wife's access to my vault is view only, and I can only view hers. This is merely avoid mistakes. As rr4242 suggested, we are both family organizers so that we can change access if the need arises.

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    Thanks for adding your feedback, @learning_1pw! We love hearing about how folks use 1Password's different features to fit into the workflow :chuffed:

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