1Password Release Notes

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Dear all,

The AgileBits team is one of the very few that publishes release notes for most, if not all its apps and services. They are things of beauty. However, the absence of RSS feeds for the corresponding pages makes it difficult to keep tabs on updates.

While the AppStore (on iOS) and the built-in updates (on macOS) will provide notes before a release is installed, some of us would love to be notified as quickly as possible, before automated update checks have had time to run. Furthermore, we may need and want to keep an eye on updates to platforms which we are not running personally, such as Android or Windows, so that we can notify our users. And finally, I do not think browsers ever notify the user that an extension has been updated, let alone with release notes!

Would you consider adding RSS feeds to the update site to be kept abreast of updates to these pages? I have been using a page scraper for a long time, but the structure of these pages makes the operation difficult and error-prone. Plus, scraping pages feels not a little dirty…

Looking forward to hearing from you,
— FJ


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