Teams and Families accounts co-existing... but I want to use my family 1Password

I've got a subscription for both my family and my work team. 2 problems.

I migrated from my personal 1Password to my family account. I had an awesome password that I'm fast at typing (and it's secure!) but apparently it doesn't quite adhere to the requirements if you were to sign up now for a families account, so I had to modify it. I'd prefer to have my old 1Password back on the families account. Is that possible? Please say yes!

Next, I signed up for a teams account for my company. So now I have separate vaults (all working ok) but when I need to authenticate using my Mac or phone, it only logs in using my teams password, not my families password.

How do I fix this... and how do I get my old "one password" back without the apparently necessary modification?

Thanks so much.


1Password Version: 6.7.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10.12.6
Sync Type: 1Pass


  • john_mjohn_m

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    Hi @Marc D'Amour! I'll be happy to help you out! :chuffed:

    In regards to your "password requirements" question, I can only guess that the requirement you're talking about is length? That's the only restriction that I'm aware of - our subscription memberships require master password of at least 10 characters. If you need help choosing a good master password that's 10 characters or longer, you might want to have a look at our guide for choosing a good master password here:

    In regards to being asked for the Teams account master password when unlocking the app; the app will ask for the master password of the "first" account you signed in with; so for example, if you signed into your Teams account first, and then signed into your Families account, it'll be your Teams master password the app will ask for. To swap them around, just sign out of your Teams account from inside the app (make sure you know all of your sign in details first!) - this will make your Families membership the first (and only) account membership, and switch the app over to using it's master password. You can then sign back into the Teams account afterwards.

    I hope that helps! :+1:

  • John - yep my original 1Password was an awesome 9 digit master password. There isn't any way I can use that one?

  • john_mjohn_m

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    @Marc D'Amor Not as is; ten character minimum is the requirement for our subscription accounts. Just one extra character at the end would be enough :chuffed:

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